Don’t Just Sit There! Be Strong And Express Your Feelings.

Don’t Just Sit There! Be Strong And Express Your Feelings.

express your feelings

Taking some time off dating can make you realize a lot of stuff. The main lesson you will probably learn is that feelings are bad. Even the social media can provoke a lot of unnecessary emotions or stress on some other people’s feelings. There are also numerous occasions where feelings almost always lead to great disappointments and broken hearts. And with time you will stop caring to express your feelings.  It is because of the era we live in where ghosting and friend-zoning became more important than people’s actual feelings. It is the age when the actual real love died. And for the few ones with romantic hearts left out there, it is unbearable the thought of living in a world where love hurts, and rejection is often. Such situations and feelings make people feel anxious and more self-conscious about themselves.

These conditions have brought us to believe that having no feelings at all is probably for the best if we want to avoid disappointment or getting hurt.

Can you imagine life without feelings?

Of course, emotions can make us weak and vulnerable, but those are the emotions that make us who we are. Being brave enough to feel and be emotional is being brave to let ourselves be vulnerable and just hope for the best. But we should never, mix vulnerability and weakness.

Vulnerability makes us human, not weak. We should be free to take the choice of being vulnerable, and that makes us strong and brave, but never weak. Feeling takes courage. Admitting your feelings is probably one of the bravest human acts because you are courageous enough to let your emotions show without knowing the feedback. You just hope for the best and have faith in your feelings. You should never miss to take your chance and use your opportunity.

If you are willing and not afraid to express your feelings, then you show yourself how strong you really are. It is an evident sign of bravery.

Those feelings can make you bold but never weak. It just means that you know what you want and you will fight for it and do whatever it takes. For example, if you like someone and you are honest about it, you will make an effort around them and show your true intentions and feelings. You will do whatever it takes to show them they are worth being in your life.

Who would ever look down on someone who’s in love?

In fact, it’s just the opposite. People admire and worship on long lasting relationships and people that are together without being afraid of showing their love and affection for each other. We wish we could be that couple in the future. And for that, we need to be honest and start admitting our feelings.

To be able to express your feelings, being honest is probably the best thing you can do to yourself. You will open up yourself to new possibilities and people will take you far more seriously. The decision is ours to make, and the best choice is courage.

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