If You Notice Any Of These 10 Signs You Are The Carrier Of Your Family Karma…

If You Notice Any Of These 10 Signs You Are The Carrier Of Your Family Karma…

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According to some beliefs, specific family bloodlines can carry unique karmas. The one person from a particular family, that is the most spiritually developed, carries some “energetic blockages”. Unless they somehow have the ability to release it throughout their life. In theory, this kind of energy passing can be accomplished either physically, verbally, energetically, or even subconsciously. For example, the one person of the family that always tends to disagree, and argue with their parents, may be suffering from one of these kinds of energetic blockages.

These types of blockages can appear as a result of some past disagreement or arguments. The person in question should have accepted, or maybe learned from and released. But for one reason or another, people often ignore or even refuse to do such things.

The person repressing with these problems may be fine with having negative thoughts and feelings. But when this essence (karma) is passed on to a member of the following generation of the family, it is not always received as something positive.

This can result in the person lacking focus, attention, love, which can also result in mass consciousness of lower and denser levels. Take a moment and read the list that follows in order to determine if you are the carrier of one of these family karmas. If not, determine which person in your family is the one who carries that thing. In either case, this is invaluable info.

Here are the 10 signs which will reveal if you carry your family’s karma:

1. You are the most conscious and spiritual person in your entire family.

2. It also seems like you “differ” from every other member of your family.

3. From time to time, you become ill out of the blue, and sometimes it even feels as though the weight of the whole world is on your shoulders.

4. You are that person who always seems to get caught — up in the strangest decisions and situations in your family.

5. You also have an innate sense of what the family karma is, as well as an innate urge to change it.

6. You worry that bad family karma can be detrimental to your family one day. The famous actress Sandra Bullock said that she is a true believer in karma. You get what you give, no matter if it is bad or good.

7. You think that bad karma will be detrimental to you. The famous actor Sylvester Stallone said that there is actually a natural law of karma. Vindictive people, who often go out of their way in order to hurt someone, will end up broke and alone.

8. You also wonder if you are putting out the kind of vibes which you intended to. The famous singer Kesha said that she believes in karma. She believes that if a person puts out positive vibes to everybody, that will be all that that person will get back.

9. You are superstitiously pertaining to the concept of karma. Alicia Silverstone says that being vegan gives you such great karma.

10. When you have a sense that the family karma is improving, you often try not to get your hopes up. Nail Patrick Harris said that he is probably his biggest own critic. He is also worried that if a person spends any quality time in revealing the good things, then the family karma will slap them upside the head. So he tries to stay as even keel as he has the ability.

Vanquishing negative karma.

In theory, a person needs to release his/her ties to the family karma in their mind before it can be fully released. More specifically, a person must pinpoint the main point of disagreement, as well as argument or ideology. This was the reason for the karma to become negative. Once a potential issue has been pinpointed, it must be explored. The facts must be acknowledged and accepted, released and move on of the negativity.

One way, which is more positive to look at is to take full responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings, and actions. Refuse to deceive yourself about any of the aspects. Sometimes, some people can be the victim of the ego, but they still may have the ability to transcend these issues in order to be free from their karma.

Here are some vanquishing tips:

  • Mediate in order to determine the core of the recurring problems.
  • You should also comprehend the behavioral patterns which are at work, and change them for sure.
  • Learn how to control your energy and soul, by being your own karma – carrier.


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