The 10 Simple Things You Need To Know About Love and Relationships.

The 10 Simple Things You Need To Know About Love and Relationships.

Love and Relationships

When it comes to love and relationships, everyone considers themselves as experts. Every one of us based on our previous experiences and dating successes and failures has a list of what one should and shouldn’t do in a relationship.

Following there are ten things about love and relationship that one has to consider.

1. Always be yourself.

It is very simple. You need to stop pretending to be someone you are not. You need to stop worrying about what you said or what you did. It is very annoying and stressful to be careful how to react or what to say and do. Another thing that is for sure is that it won’t last for a very long. You will get tired, and you will stop pretending and just be yourself. That will be the moment of truth when the other person will get to know the real you. They will realize that you are far away from the person you pretended to be. Such relationships will never succeed.

2. Get to know yourself.

You need to stop looking for someone for the wrong reasons. You don’t need to find someone to fix you or define you. Stop looking for love for your own selfish reasons. Building a relationship with your personal selfish issues is a massive mistake. Until you start focusing on yourself and getting to know your real soul love can wait. It is only then when you will be ready and brave enough to dive into love and relationships. At the end of the day a relationship like that will never last long, and when it’s over, it will leave you more broken than you were before.

3. Gain confidence.

Everyone has problems with confidence once in a while. It is a fact. You need to stop judging yourself and accept the fact that you will never be perfect. You need to start loving your awesome self and be proud of it. Show the world how comfortable you are in your skin.

4. Never settle for less.

Just be honest and real with yourself and never satisfy with less than what you believe you deserve. Because you are awesome and you know what you want. Remember that you are not perfect and accept your imperfects.

5. People don’t change.

You don’t live in a movie. You can never change someone because people simply never change. Don’t spend your precious time on trying to fix someone. In fact, use that time to focus on your own issues and problems. Use that time to fix yourself. Remember the saying that you can’t make someone play the game even if they have the costume on. Accept the fact that love and relationships never work as in the movies. Just move on.

6. Looks matter.

To have your own criteria is not a bad thing at all. It just shows that you value yourself enough to have the right to choose. It is not horrible because at the end of the day you need to have a physical attraction to your partner. The level of the desire is important nearly as same as the mental connection. You need the passion to build a strong and unbreakable relationship.

7. Learn the difference between love and lust.

There is only lust at first sight and not love. It takes time to start loving someone. The passion, of course, has a significant input in growing out the love, and we may say it’s an essential. Some people date because of lust and with time they get over it and never start loving each other. And there are others that from lust grow into love. Be careful about the difference between them because no strong relationship can be built out of just lust.

8. Love is not enough sometimes.

You might have realized by now that love and life are not simple. Not nearly as simple as in the movies. You don’t always get what you hoped or imagined. Not all of us get to experience that one of a kind love that lasts forever. Because forever means to love and to have a deep connection with someone. And sometimes love is just not enough. If they don’t deserve you and they hold you back from your true potential loving them is just not enough to settle for. Just be brave and change your course, you are destined for more.

9. It is the first love you will never forget.

There is always this love that you will remember and the feelings you felt. Some of us with happiness, others with bitter. Just forgive and move on. Believe that you were destined for more and don’t look back with anger. Love and relationships are a genuine thing, and we should think about the past as an experience that helped us become stronger.

10. The one that got away

Sadly, most of us get to experience this situation, and it is probably the most difficult one. Always thinking about that one that got away will hold you back and re-stimulate you. You don’t need that kind of energy in your life. You have two choices, to go and fight for what you love or get over them and move on with your life. Whatever you decide will be for your benefit, but choosing not to do anything and thinking about that all the time is just wrong.

Yes, love and relationships are complex but when achieved they are actually so simple.

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