15 More Reasons To Travel Every 20-Year-Olds Should Know.

15 More Reasons To Travel Every 20-Year-Olds Should Know.


There’s more to just compiling Instagram photos and Facebook snaps of your spontaneous trips. Though piling up stunning travel photos and videos on your social media accounts can be satisfying, there is more to traveling.

For the young millennials today, hopping in on a plane and going to different destinations from time to time can give fresh perspectives on living life in general.

Multiple studies stated that travel doesn’t only give you a break from your professional life. It also boosts your state of mind, health, and well-being. However, a huge chunk of the young adults’ population today doesn’t get much exposure to different cultures. Not as much as they want to. The next time you have doubts about getting some time off from your boss at work, keep in mind that science is behind your back.

Here are 15 scientific reasons why a once-in-a-while trip is good for you.

1. Alleviates Stress From Work.

According to The American Psychological Association’s survey on Stress In America 2013, “Removing ourselves from the situations that causes a lot of stress helps reduce negative emotions,” traveling to new places allows an individual to dissociate himself from the stress that might cause burn out.

2. Travel Lessens The Risk of Heart Conditions.

There was a 9-year study conducted on men working in the corporate world that found men who did not take leaves or vacations for extended periods of time were 30% more at risk of developing a heart condition. On the other hand, those who took regular vacation were 21% less likely to develop heart diseases. The reason behind this is that men who travel more tend to be more active while those who did not take vacations are kept glued to their office stations.

3. Travelling Reduces The Risk Of Depression.

A changed location or venue has a long list of psychological benefits. According to a study published back in 2005, females tend to get depressed when they only take vacations once every two years. People are genuinely happy when they travel because they derive the happiness from the novelty – which they get from visiting unfamiliar places.

4. Trips Can Promote The feeling of Euphoria.

According to a study conducted in 2002 by the University of Surrey, planning trips alone can already cause happiness to employees – whether it be a personal or a business trip. Knowing that a holiday is coming or experiencing a new environment can bring positive emotions. Those emotions are beneficial to one’s health and quality of life.

5. Experience Trumps Material Wealth.

A 2002 study conducted by Cornell University found that people who spend money to experience something new are more satisfied on how they spent their money, compared to those individuals who spent their money on material objects. According to this study, the satisfaction acquired by the latter wears off quickly.

Aside from science backing you up on more reasons to travel, there is also a positive outcome in traveling alone during your 20s. Since money might become an issue (as traveling tends to be costly), traveling alone may be your only choice. But don’t fret! Here are more reasons why you should travel all on your own.

6. You Get To Enjoy The Present.

Not everybody can travel in good health. Before a backache, or health condition due to old-age, or severe adult responsibilities arrive, today is your chance to explore and meet new people who might change your life in the best possible way. Traveling solo (and at a young age) allows time flexibility and uninterrupted agenda. Explore the world while you can. Share stories, and take photos!

7. While You Can Still Afford It.

Yes, traveling is obviously expensive. Even if you follow a cheap “backpack itinerary,” it’s still going to cost money. Traveling now is the best time because you don’t have to worry about kids, school fees, other bills, mortgages and things alike. You can budget your money on different yet affordable hostels on your various destinations.

8. Personal Growth Happens.

You only gain personal growth when you extend yourself to different places and experiences. Traveling can create epic life lessons, lifelong friendships, and new perspectives on life.

9. You Can Make Connections.

Business travels is all about building relationships with fellow business people around the world. This also happens even if you travel alone. Meeting new people can open tremendous opportunities, friendships, and possible business connections that can benefit you in the long run.

10. You Create Memories and Tell Stories.

Engaging with people is important as you go further along in life. When you try to connect with people for a business deal or to simply look good on a date, the stories you tell about your travels is a good way to connect. You can also use these stories to encourage travel positivity and inspiration to others who also need a break.

11. It Improves Your Social Skills.

Traveling alone improves the way you deal with other people, well, because you don’t have any choice. Traveling entails research, spontaneous inquiries, and conversations among locals. You can’t rely on someone to do the talking for you. You have no choice but to ask directions yourself.

12. Experience Independence.

At 20, you don’t have too many people relying on you. This makes it the perfect time to pack up your bags and just travel as much as possible. This kind of independence teaches you your strengths, weaknesses and most likely, your untapped potential that you didn’t know you had.

13. You Will Be More Appreciative of What You Have.

Traveling alone promotes independence and understanding on how you carry yourself and how real adults manage their finances. You’ll find a deeper appreciation for your parents and how they were able to support the entire family while taking family vacations once in a while.

14. You’ll Learn The Importance of Setting Money Aside.

If you’re not earning as much as you want right now, you don’t have any choice but to be very thrifty with your money. As you continue to live this kind of lifestyle, you’ll eventually learn how to budget your salary to fund your next trips.

Infographic by Positive Health Wellness

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15. You ‘ll Find Yourself.

As cliché as it sounds, you’ll assess what you actually want in life. If you leave your comfort zone behind and see parts of the world that most people don’t have the chance to experience, you’ll be able to reassess your wants, needs, and priorities in life. Is it getting another degree? Perhaps buying a house in a couple of years? Or go to a philanthropy work? Whatever it is, traveling can potentially open doors to new opportunities and self-realization.

People might say that traveling in your 20’s is not a practical thing to do. After all, we are more accustomed to the thought of earning a lot of money now and spending it all later. But then again, you should always take the opportunity right now while you are in good shape to get a sense of direction. When this is achieved, you’ll grow more as a person, and that is the most important thing in life.

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