In 2018, Create Your Soul Resolution — these 3 Simple Steps Will Help You Evolve This Year.

In 2018, Create Your Soul Resolution — these 3 Simple Steps Will Help You Evolve This Year.

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As we enter in a New Year, it is just natural to reflect on all the highs and lows from last year. It is when where we start thinking about what new goals or projects we want to take on for the year that follows.

Our universe is going to be beckoning us to think about how we can create security and comfort in our lives, as we shift in the New Year, while also manifesting and building our highest dreams and wishes.

While 2016-2017 were focused heavily on the energy of death, as well as rebirth and new beginnings, this year will be a burst of fresh air. It is going to allow us to focus on getting grounded with where we have landed.

If we want to welcome in this new energy, it is essential to create a soul resolution. This is a bit different from a new year’s resolution. It will be less about creating goals and more setting an intention.

Soul resolutions go on a much deeper level than weight loss goals or learning to speak French. They go into a more energetic space where they can manifest through your pure intention and the will of the Divine.

When you create an intention, you will not have to define what is going to look like. It is more like you are planting a seed of creation. You see how it unfolds and how it shifts and changes your life on its own.

When we tune into the power of our soul as well as heart, we should work out what we need. Then we need to create the intention to bring that energy into our life. It is incredible the kind of shifts and changes which may happen.

Resolutions for the soul are almost like some little prayers which you send out into the universe. They are felt on the deepest of levels. You may perhaps have seen this manifest in your own life and others year after year. Soul resolutions are extremely powerful.

Here is how to craft your soul resolution:

1. Choosing a soul resolution.

Whether we intentional or not, we are always working on our soul lessons. But when we become aware of how our soul is working on us, we can begin crafting a goal to help us navigate the journey.

When we talk about choosing a soul resolution, you have to try thinking about them. Think about patterns in your life and where you have felt most challenged or most uprooted. From here, you can then work our which direction may be the most beneficial for the year ahead.

We also find it beneficial to ask your heart, as well as soul what it needs too. Just close your eyes and place your hand over your heart. Then, ask your soul what it needs. Ask your heart what it needs. Stay open to whatever answers come flying in.

2. Crafting your soul goal.

Once that you have identified your soul resolution, write it down on a piece of paper. There are no rules about what you are going to write. Here is an example to help inspire you:

Our resolution for 2018:

I need to keep opening my heart and allow love to flow in and love to flow out. I also need to be aware of not allowing the pain of loss and grief to block the flow of love. Life is all about love and learning to love more. The answer is always more love. My soul resolution is to continue opening my heart. To allow myself to really feel and be loved because this is where I can continue inspiring and create not only for myself but other people as well.

Write a few soul resolutions if it feels right to you. However, try not to have more than three. This will allow you to keep your focus.

3. Sending out your soul resolution.

Find a quiet place. Light a candle or smudge your aura before you start. Again, there are no rules with this.

Recite your soul resolution out loud three times with feeling, for all the heavens to hear. As you say your goal, try to feel it and take it into your body and your being.

After you have finished, fold up your soul resolution and leave it tucked away in your room or some safe place.

It is not necessary for you to re-read your soul resolution. However, it may also be fun to look back on it at the end of the year.

Have a wonderful year everyone!

Image Credit: Angela Loenning

Source/Inspired: Forever Conscious

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