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Energy Fields

Human Energy Fields Are Stronger Than We Realize.

When you are on the computer, does it seem to do things that aren’t “normal” or does it work fine one day and ...
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Things Empaths Go Through

6 Things Empaths Go Through Daily That Most People Never Notice.

Empaths are extremely energetic beings and even the smallest things can be huge to them. While those who are not empaths will not ...
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BBC Documentary: Jesus Was A Buddhist Monk Named Issa Who Spent 16+ Years In India & Tibet.

The life story of the most famous person who has ever lived is, in fact, filled with a mysterious gaping hole. From the ...
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Concealed Depression

How To Understand If Your Friend Suffers From Concealed Depression.

Depression is a severe mental illness that can often go unnoticed for years. People who suffer from concealed depression are battling their demons ...
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Jupiter Retrograde

Universal Truths, the Matrix and Jupiter Retrograde.

Jupiter Retrograde is like having Harry Potter’s Dementors breathing down our neck. We will feel our life force being sucked out of us ...
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Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking submitted a final scientific paper 2 weeks before he died — and it could lead to the discovery of a parallel universe.

Hawking is named as co-author on a paper submitted on March 4 — ten days before he died. It sets out a way ...
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transformative new moon

Tonight Is The Most Transformative New Moon Of 2018 — Get Ready For A Powerful Shift!

The New Moon on the 17th-18th March falls in the watery sign of Pisces. It is going to bring a feeling of completion ...
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Being Alone

When You Start to Enjoy Being Alone, These 10 Things Will Happen.

Some people think of “being alone” as a bad thing. It either means you’re anti-social, or unwanted, neither of which is a good ...
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