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Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

Tonight Is The Most Powerful Full Moon Of 2018 (Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse) — Get Ready for a Massive Energy Shift!

From an astrological point of view, the Moon rules over our emotional body and our intuition. It permits us to feel and reminds ...
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Conspiracy Facts

Conspiracy Facts and Spirituality Are Intimately Connected.

Is it considered ‘not spiritual’ to talk about an elite or cabal running our world? This has become a commonplace today, and there ...
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Ancient Sanskrit

9 Rules for being Human Passed Down from Ancient Sanskrit.

When every one of us was born, we did not come with a manual of an owner. So, here are some guidelines which ...
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gold mine

Cajamarca Rejected $35 Billion Gold Mine Because Locals Wanted to Preserve Their Clean Air, Water and Lead a Simple Life.

The World Bank wants its gold mining project in Cajamarca, Colombia so bad, but the people that live in this small town voted ...
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Ancient Pyramids

Something Is Heating Up Inside Egypt’s Ancient Pyramids and Scientists Can’t Explain It!

Two weeks of new thermal scanning in Egypt’s Giza pyramids have identified anomalies in the 4,500-year-old burial structures, including a major one in ...
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Love a Leo

If You Love a Leo, Keep These 9 Things In Mind.

Leos are not as easy to love as you think that they may be. While you might crush on them truly loving them ...
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creation of money

We are all Slaves. When you understand who controls the creation of money it all makes sense.

At this point in history, virtually every human on the planet is enslaved whether they know it or not, the fact that most ...
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