2019 is a number 3 year in numerology — Here’s Your Life Path Number for This Year!

2019 is a number 3 year in numerology — Here’s Your Life Path Number for This Year!

Life Path Number

In numerology, 2019 is the year number 3, and that makes it the year for alignment, self-expression, as well as creativity.

For a long time, the number 3 is considered to be a sacred one. The planet Earth is actually the third one from our Sun, and we are living in the 3D reality, and every single story has its beginning part, middle part and then end part, and every one of us is an individual that is comprised of body, mind, as well as a soul.

This number is also utilized in different rituals and spell-casting to manifest some things in reality. A lot of people believe that bad or good things also come in threes.

So, under the energy of this number, people will be leaded on the way of aligning their mind, soul, and body, as well as express their real self and desires in this world. They can also feel like they are guided to finish some things or even find a better balance, as well as structure in their daily lives.

This number is also a potent one, and it has enormous importance, and people are going to work collectively with its vibration during 2019. Although the themes of this number are going to be with people in one way or another, those people are going to have their life path number for 2019 too.

Use this formula from below in order to calculate your Life Path Number.

Find out your Life Path Number for the year 2019:

First of all, add your birth date, your birthday month and then the number three together. After that, reduce those digits by adding them together until you have one single number.

For instance: 12 +29 +3 (month + date of birth + number 3) = 44

Add the two digits together in order to reduce the number 44 to a number with one digit, and this may also have to be done several times: 4+4= 8. You will get the number 8, and it will be considered your Life Path Number for this year.

The significance of Life Path Numbers for 2019.

Here is the meaning of each personal year number for this year:

Life Path Number 1:

For people that have this number, 2019 will be all about new beginnings. They were doing great inner work and inner growth. They probably made radical changes in their lives. Now, they will be encouraged and motivated to express their new and real self in the world. They will focus on beginning different projects or doing some things in a different way and also giving themselves a fresh new beginning.

Life Path Number 2:

For people that have the number two, 2019 will be all about continuing moving forward and building. They are surely on the appropriate path, as well as going to the appropriate direction, but they will also have to ask other people to help them and guide them too. In 2019, they will need support so that they can achieve their goals and fulfill their desires. They should not fear to ask for help when they really need it.

Life Path Number 3:

For people with this number, 2019 will be a very special and profound year for them. They are full of inventive potential, and they will have the ability to make bounds and leaps. They may have everything they desire. All they have to do is believe in themselves that they can achieve everything. They also have to pay more attention to their body, soul, and mind, and make sure all of them work together.

Life Path Number 4:

During this year, people with the number four will have a lot of leaning and spiritual growth, particularly associated with loved ones and family. Some family karma will be cleared, and they can feel drawn to connect with their roots once again. The new year is significant for them in creating a sense of community and family around them so that they will feel secure and safe.

Life Path Number 5:

For people with the number five, 2019 will be a creative year. They are going to be supported about taking their imaginations and make them become realities. This will be an excellent year to use their creative side, which will also bring the necessity to transform or finding out that with the newly found creativity they have the ability to shift, as well as change some parts of their lives which have to be modernized.

Life Path Number 6:

For people that have the number 6, 2019 will be a powerful year for healing and also a chance to repair wounds on emotional and physical levels. They have to pay attention to their bodies’ necessities and make sure that self-care is their priority.

This does not mean taking relaxing baths but setting limits and make themselves a priority, and not others. One excellent step they can take may be starting a healthy and balanced program for eating or exercising on a daily basis. This year will definitely be one for them to pay more attention to themselves and their health.

Life Path Number 7:

In 2019, people with the Life Path Number 7 will feel guided, and they may find themselves walking on a newly discovered path or even reaching some new heights, connected with spiritual growth, as well as development. This year, they will also have great potential to make great progress in different areas of their lives, so they have to think well of what they really want and follow their heart to make that happen. They will have strong intuition too, so they need to pay better attention to the intuitive moments during this year.

Life Path Number 8:

For the people with this number, a transformation will be the keyword during 2019. This year will really guide them to shift, as well as change areas of their lives which have to be renewed and updated. Also, they will have to release their past so they will be able to welcome some new changes, as well as opportunities. In that way, they are also going to find it much easier to display their dreams and follow what they actually want.

Life Path Number 9:

2019 will be all about completing and wrapping the things up. People with this Life Path Number may feel that on a spiritual and emotional level, but physical level too. They may realize that some big project is coming to its end, or that a specific belief or even set of some patterns is also released, as well as transcended forever.

This year is going to lead them to end some cycle so that they will feel proud and winners for everything they have achieved. It will be a great time for traveling to different destinations too, so they will expand and open their minds.


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