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Awakening The Third Eye

Awakening The Third Eye — Be Careful What You Wish For.

Have you ever heard the expression, ‘Be careful what you wish for’? For some people, the opening of the 3rd eye can show ...
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The 3 signs of knowing someone from a past life

The 3 Signs Of Knowing Someone From A Past Life.

Theoretically, our souls exist beyond time and space and in order to grow and evolve they need to interact with other souls. Even ...
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buddha friends

The Four Types Of Friends According To The Buddha

Young man, be aware of these four good-hearted friends: the helper, the friend who endures in good times and bad, the mentor, and ...
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the strong woman

Fall In Love With the Strong Woman — She Doesn’t Beg, when She Says Goodbye it’s Forever.

This woman is both strong and soft. She has giving hands and a tender heart. She has spread arms and brought comfort and ...
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55 angel number

Today Is May 5 — Here Is The Meaning of Today’s 55 Angel Number.

The number 55 is an angel number, and it is the most frequently seen number, almost everywhere. If you see this number repeatedly, ...
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new moon

Tonight Is The Most Mystical New Moon Of 2019 — Get Ready For Intense Energy Shift!

The month of May will be slowly-paced one, and it will beckon us to assess and reflect our lives’ quality and think about ...
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empaths attract toxic partners

The Brutal Truth Behind Why Empaths Attract Toxic Partners And How To Change That.

Empaths love to help others. They’re always trying to see the best in people. They give others the benefit of the doubt, while ...
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