A 3-Step Experiment In Emotional & Spiritual Flexibility For Blissful Living.

A 3-Step Experiment In Emotional & Spiritual Flexibility For Blissful Living.


When you are at the gym, or at yoga class, take a moment and think about your flexibility. You need to value it on the level of the physical body. Maintain flexibility, as you are growing older, because you want to enjoy good health. A flexible body will ensure ease of movement, which is a beautiful sensation and precious gift.

Now, you should think about your beliefs. Think about the perceptions and patterns of emotional response, to help you make you – YOU. So, how flexible are you when it comes to not only what you believe in the world around you, but what you believe about yourself?

Flexibility in belief.

Is it possible that flexibility about what you believe is a good thing? We think it is.

Perhaps you know some person who believes in all the same things that they have believed in their youth. They are now so entrenched in those beliefs that any change will cause some anxiety and fear in them. Sometimes, you may also find this in yourself, depending on the change that is upon you.

Perhaps, you have a dream, but you hold on to a particular belief. If that is the case, you will never see all the options that are just waiting beyond the borders of your belief.

Also, you may probably find it hard to accept help from other people. Perhaps, you may have some convictions about what is the right way to behave in the world. Or you may harbor a lot of judgment about the people that do not measure up.

Flexibility is actually the energy that opens the door towards possibility, miracles, coincidence, synchronicity and to some dramatic shifts of personal growth and transformation.

Predictability may sometimes feel safe but it is actually an illusion.

Change is actually nature, as well as the order of the universe. This means that change is also nature, as well as the order of our lives.

We can stretch those mental and emotional muscles, as well as create and recreate our self-view.

3 steps for increasing our flexibility:

When you have some quiet downtime, try the following three-step experiment with flexibility. Each of the steps stands on its own. You can repeat it as often as you want to.

Exercise 1: Challenge your beliefs with a “what if” statement.

You should take one belief that you have to yourself which is a limitation that you think you have. For example, “I can’t draw.” Or, “I don’t sing well,” “I’m not very creative.”

At the top of a blank piece of paper, write it down. Below write: “What if (your belief) is not true?” So, by using some of the examples above, you are supposed to write “What if my belief that I don’t sing well is not true?”

Then, sit on that question and write what would have happened if the belief was not true. What would you be? What would it mean? What would be different in your life, as well as in your choices, or how you present yourself to the world?

Exercise 2: Use other people as a mirror to your judgments.

The following step takes you away from self -reflection initially, while you focus on other people. Think of someone who you know that does not behave the way a person should. Maybe, it is someone that you work with, or live with. Or someone you’ve argued recently. Whoever comes first to your mind, is the person to work with for this part of the exercise.

Once you identify the person, as well as the behavior that you do not like, write down how you perceive that person. Maybe you have labeled that person as “selfish” or “rude,” or maybe as “controlling.” You are labeling them.

Next to your statement of perception, write down a simple question: “How am I (label)?” For example, you may write “How am I controlling?” You should take some time to answer the question as thoroughly as you can. Labeling other people is the human nature, with behaviors and traits which you disown in yourself.

This part of the exercise will help you to see your shadow side. Once you see it, you will have a choice to own an accept it. Or even make some changes. This exercise has some positive benefits of making you less eager to give others the label that you want to avoid.

Exercise 3: Adopt affirmations of change and movement.

The last exercise is to write an affirmation which supports your desire to be more open to changes in life. Write down the following: “I’m perfect, complete and whole. My life unfolds in perfect, as well as divine order. I am open to the counting process of change which is part of who I am actually.”

You should allow the affirmation to enfold you. You should repeat it at least three times in writing. After that say it out loud, to see how it feels. You should notice whether you will experience a sense of peace as you are saying it.

For the following few weeks, we recommend you to adopt this affirmation as a part of your daily routines. Either by writing it or maybe thinking it as a meditative exercise. Or saying it out loud. Put it on your desk, or perhaps on your refrigerator. Or on the mirror in your bathroom.

Each of the steps from above stands on its own. Work with each one regularly, to continue to test your beliefs and perceptions. You may find out that some of your long-held beliefs, as well as perceptions, will start to shift. It will make you happier and less anxious about life and the changes in it.

Changes can be sudden or planned.

They can be forced upon you or be a part of your own process of forwarding movement in your life.

Change is the nature, as well as the order of the universe. It is consistent, even though we may not see it as such thing.

Remember that flexibility, especially the one in our mind, is actually the energy which opens the door to possibilities, and dramatic shifts of personal growth.

Source: Numerologist. Image Credit: Andrea Hathcock.

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