There Are 5 Soul Groups You Belong To — Each Of Them Has A Different Purpose In Your Life.

There Are 5 Soul Groups You Belong To — Each Of Them Has A Different Purpose In Your Life.

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Have you ever felt like you just don’t belong somewhere? Well, think again.

Your soul is energy and that same energy is what makes everyone and everything in this universe. We are all connected.

Each of us has a purpose to be here, as well as a reason and motivation for existing. A lot of wise man over the years have said that Earth merely is just a playground learn and experience our life in the material form.

On the planet Earth, we can experience physical and material pleasure. We learn to feel love, hate and everything in between.

On a soul level, every one of us is here to walk this journey. Even though the path of everyone is slightly different, we all come here with a ground of souls which are energetically in harmony with us.

Such Soul Groups are connected to us during our period on Earth.

All of us belong to a particular soul group. These soul groups all have a different purpose in our lives.

Here are the five different soul groups you belong to:

Soul Groups 1: The Source

First of all, it is essential to understand that we are all source of energy. In a sense, everything that is in this universe is part of source energy, which makes us all connected.

Although we are all connected to everything in the universe, all of our souls chose Earth as the perfect place for materializing. So, all of us are responsible for life on the planet Earth.

Every action, as well as every thought, creates a ripple in the cosmos which has effects on everyone. When we harm ourselves or others, this energy goes out, as well as shapes the world we live in. It’s the same when we do something loving for ourselves or other people, that energy will also shape the world.

Soul Groups 2: The Soul Community

Your soul community is a group of like-minded souls. You all share similar life lessons. Every member of your soul community would have come to Earth to learn new things and to bring new ideas to a particular field.

The members of your soul community are usually relatives, friends, coworkers. They are people that inspire you or have the same mission as you have.

Your soul community can also include some significant encounters. This can be a stranger which can help you on your bad days. Or even a particular school teacher that left a lasting impression on you growing up.

Your soul community is people that touch your life in a significant way. But they may also be permanent features of your life. They can be people who share the same philosophy as you share. Your soul community could be hundreds or even thousands of people who depend on the path you have chosen.

Soul Groups 3: The Soul Family

These are the immediate members of the family we have chosen to incarnate. However, this group can also include some people that have taken on the role of being like family for you.

The members of your soul family usually have a close bond and are also here to learn some similar lessons and themes as you.

Regardless of the relationship with your immediate family, your soul chooses to reincarnate with them for some particular experience.

Before coming to Earth, your soul has made agreements with every member of your immediate family, to be connected genetically and to experience specific life circumstances.

You were all going to have to explore some themes, as well as patterns and energies together.

Soul Groups 4: Soulmates

The soulmates group is the most significant. When we meet these people, we have a spiritual awakening or feel a deeper spiritual connection.

Your soulmate group has around 3 to 9 people. These souls usually play a very significant part of your life. It can include family members, as well as friends and of course, lovers. All of those will leave some lasting impression on your life and will have an impact in changing your life.

These people touch your life on the deepest of levels. Soulmates are the people that you have the highest connections with. They may also be the people who challenge and push you the most.

When you meet your soulmate for the first time, there is usually an intimate bond. You may feel connected in more lives than in this particular one.

Every one of us has a group of soulmates who they come to Earth with. But not every one of the soulmates is destined to meet or be together. Every journey of soulmates is different.

Your soulmate group is your support group. Every one of us has a unique bond as we are each other’s biggest supporters.

Soul Groups 5: The Twin Flame

Not all of our energy gets in our body when our soul comes to earth. The rest of the energy remains in higher realms, or it can also be transferred to another body.

When there are two bodies in the same soul energy, it is referred to as twin flame. While every other person has soul energy, it can be pretty rare to have a twin flame on earth.

There is also a possibility to have more than one “twin” flame. However, humanity perhaps has still not reached that level of consciousness just yet.

The twin flames usually find each other during their period on Earth, but the aim of their connection is not just romantic as it is believed.

When they come together, it is usually for a higher cause, as well as to impart knowledge and wisdom to Earth.

The connections of twin flames can be incredibly intense. But underneath of all that intensity, there may be a feeling that both of you are coming together for a higher cause than usual.


Source: Forever Conscious.  Image Credit:  Beau Deeley

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