5 Ways How To Get Back Up When Life Knocks You Down.

5 Ways How To Get Back Up When Life Knocks You Down.


Life is not always about sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes life will knock you down and hit you with a brick. You will have to endure hardships, overcome adversities and go through tough times before you can reach your destination.

And this is always easier said than done. Everyone can be positive and do great things when they are healthy, have nothing to worry, their bills are paid on time, have a stable income and when everything is smooth.

The real challenge comes when you are going through tough times; when you don’t have enough money to survive, or when your health is at risk. And trust me that you will have to face a lot of challenges in your journey to success.

In fact, the more successful you are, the more hardships you will go through. So here are five ways how to get back up when you face tough times in life.

1. Revisit Your Dreams and Purpose.

Whenever you face difficulties or challenges in life, always remember your dreams and the purpose why you do it in the first place.

Your dreams are the reasons you are where you are right now. And the purpose you do is the drive that pushes you to move forward. Therefore, whenever you face with hardships, you should revisit your dreams and your purpose.

If your dreams are not exciting enough and your purpose is weak, you will give up and quit. This is one of the main reasons most people fail to reach their goals.

When your will to achieve what you want is strong, you will do whatever to accomplish it. You will go through thick and thin to achieve your goals and live your dreams.

So turn to your dreams and imagine the excitement of living them when you feel like giving up. Revisit your purposes and let them pull you when you fall.

2. Get away.

Sometimes, it is better to get away from a situation that you cannot solve. Do you know that Jack Ma, the billionaire in China who founded Alibaba always walk away from a problem that he can’t solve?

Jack Ma said that he would just take a short nap when he faces a difficult situation where he does not know how to explain. And most of the time after the short rest, he feels refreshed, and solutions will automatically come to him.

You can do the same. Get away from the problem to clear your mind.

Sometimes you cannot see the big picture because you are stuck in the problem. Thus, stepping aside and doing something totally unrelated can give your mind a clearer picture to search for solutions.

Try to get close to nature. Go and get a walk. Talk to other people or get a drink and rest your mind. Or you may even want to take a holiday somewhere else to clear off your mind.

3. Measure Your Progress and Count Your Victories.

If you feel that there is no way you can get away from the situation and you must confront it, try to measure your progress and count your victories.

Instead of blaming yourself that you have not produced the results you want, count your victories and measure how much you have accomplished.

Your wins will make you feel good when you think about them. This is why people celebrate their victories. You can do the same when you face tough times in life. When life knocks you down, count your blessings and measure your accomplishments.

The key is to consciously think about the good and positive things that you have achieved. When you count your victories, you will experience a confidence boost that will put you in the right frame of mind.

When Colonel Sanders was forced to close his restaurant, he did not choose to give up. Instead, he opted to think about what he did best and what he had accomplished. And that got him into selling his fried chicken recipe that revolutionized the whole fast food industry. The name of his recipe? Kentucky Fried Chicken.

4. Becoming Stronger through Adversities.

Les Brown once said this, “Don’t say that you are having a bad day, say that you are having a character-building day.” And he is right.

Adversities, challenges, rejections, failures, setbacks and tough times are there to grow you. You cannot become the person you are meant to be without facing tough times. Think about it. Michael Jordan will never become a successful basketball player if he had never failed and trained so hard before.

If J.K. Rowling has never been through all her hardships, she would never have the idea to write a book about a young magician named Harry Potter. Successful people are successful because of their failures and tough times.

You have to understand that if you want to achieve greater success in life, you will have to build your characters and transform yourself into the person worthy of success.

5. Learn to Dance in the Rain.

Finally, when it rains, learn to dance in the rain. When life throws a lemon at you, turn it into lemonade.

You must see the hardships and challenges as part of your life. They are necessary because they will build you into a better person. Just like a caterpillar will have to go through a struggling process called metamorphosis before it can transform itself into a beautiful butterfly.

The same goes with your life. And since the tough times are coming anyway, just learn to accept them and enjoy them. Instead of facing life with a gloomy and sulky face, have fun and enjoy the ride because you are already on it.

You cannot proceed further and achieve greater success if you don’t learn and embrace failures. It is when you take full responsibility for your life that things will start to change.

For a flower to bloom, it requires both the sunlight and water from the rains. The same goes in your life. You need both success and failures to bloom and go to a higher level. Hence, just accept that hardships are inevitable and enjoy them.

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