6 Reasons Not to Be Skipping Meals: This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Do That!

6 Reasons Not to Be Skipping Meals: This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Do That!

Skipping Meals

We all are skipping meals sometimes. Some of us do it too often. The main one is breakfast, the most often skipped meal, because we are in a rush some mornings and we barely remember to take our heads with us.

For some of us, it becomes a habit, not eating until lunch time, but that’s a terrible idea. Let’s consider why that’s so bad for us.

1. Our mood will suffer greatly.

We can’t change our body’s nature. A simple routine of skipping meals will cause our sugar levels to take a massive dive. Afterward, our body goes into survival mode, accompanied by increased stress levels.

This happens because our energy reserves are almost empty and we’re dangerously in need of food. Cortisol (a stress hormone) will also cause outbursts and increase mental instability.

2. When we skip meals, we are affecting our ability to focus.

Our brains function on glucose. If we decrease the sugar levels in our blood, it’s as if we are cutting the fuel for our minds, and therefore we’ll be less able to concentrate. We’ll find ourselves lacking focus and having difficulty paying attention.

So let’s not endanger ourselves. Never skip meals. The next time we think we should skip breakfast and get more work done, remember we’d be making things worse in the long run.

3. Skipping meals soon causes overeating.

When our hunger grows, actually our body is sending us signals that we should eat as soon as possible. When we finally get a meal, our ravenous state will cause us to overeat.

4. We’ll gain more weight.

Ingesting more food than needed then will result in the body storing fat reserves, because the body uses only what it needs from the food, storing the remainder for future energy needs in the form of fat.

When we regularly skip meals, the body adjusts to that and becomes more efficient at storing fat, sensing that it’s nearing starvation. So let’s think twice next time when we’re considering skipping meals.

5. We’ll compromise our appearance.

We don’t want our hair to be lifeless, our skin dry, our nails getting those white dots, and so on. Those problems can come from skipping meals. We need vitamins and minerals in order for the body to function well.

And don’t think taking dietary supplements will solve that problem. Supplements will make the body resistant to getting vitamins and minerals through food, meaning a net loss even with supplements. Plus, most vitamins are fat-soluble, so if we don’t eat fats along with the supplements, they won’t be absorbed.

6. We’ll get stomach problems.

If we’re not taking in enough food, our gut will suffer. That’s how our body is supposed to work. If there isn’t food in our stomach, our intestines and bowels won’t eliminate waste. This can be a real problem, and those who’ve been through it know better than to go through it again.

So please understand the importance of not skipping meals. Every time we think about skipping a meal throughout the day, remember these reasons not to. Or better yet, save this article in your “favorites”, in your phone, or even as a simple note. It will remind you how important it is to eat regularly and stay healthy.

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