Here Are 6 Ways to Bring Happiness With the Sagittarius New Moon.

Here Are 6 Ways to Bring Happiness With the Sagittarius New Moon.

Sagittarius New Moon

As the final lunation for this year is coming, the Sagittarius New Moon lands alongside four other planets in this sign: the bold Sun, trickster Mercury in retrograde, the planet of love Venus and stern Saturn.

Although the sign Sagittarius tends to be “love for the moment,” this is a cosmic conjunction which inspires us to reflect on valuable lessons which we do not want to repeat.

Since Mercury is in retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius during this Sagittarius New Moon, you may feel a bit reflective and even sentimental about your past. Or, you can also aim for something new and unfamiliar. The New Moon of Sagittarius can set travel plans into motion. Book tickets to a different corner of the world for a trip that you will take by the full moon in Sagittarius on May 29th, 2018.

Cosmic trip: Wait until trickster Mercury turns direct on December 22nd before reserving anything that you cannot cancel or reschedule later.

New moons are a great time for planting seeds that you can harvest six months from now.

Here are seven ways for breaking free from your limitations during the Sagittarius new moon:

Bring Happiness 1: Plan your next travel.

Sagittarius is the global explorer of the zodiac, and this new moon reminds us of the fact that there is a significant big old world that is waiting to be discovered. Is there an area of the planet which is calling your name? If you have your funds already available, the temptation to hit the “Reserve Now” button may be too hard to resist. You will want to have your passport handy when an opportunity strikes in the days ahead.

Bring Happiness 2: Embrace diversity.

Are you running with a homogenous crowd? Diversity will also take the spotlight at this unifying New Moon. Make a point of reaching across any self-blocks or boundaries and mingle multiculturally, especially when Sagittarius season is still in effect.

The moonbeams which come from the global Sagittarius prompt you to be more courageous. They will spark a conversation with someone outside of your usual social circles. And, no matter where you find yourself near this New Moon, this truth will be somehow self-evident: People are people. During this polarized times, we could all use a reminder of that. So, you should mix up and tell your friends to bring their friends. Step out of your bubble.

Bring Happiness 3: Get your message out there.

During these days it will be blessedly easy to share your thoughts, and ideas across the digital universe. Sagittarius happens to be the sign which rules publishing. This New Moon will call the slumbering media. Anyone that wishes to join the blogosphere should harness the lunar power of this new moon to get started. Got a niche? You should start talking to the select few that share your passion.

Bring Happiness 4: Focus on your hips.

Sagittarius is a sign which rules the hips. Since a lot of people spend their days seated at their desks, stiff hips are an epidemic. When you find yourself creatively blocked, stand up and do some hip circles. A belly dancing move will just involve planting your feet and rotating your hips in 360-degree arcs. By doing this, we’ll get in touch with our root chakra energy. It also helps the kundalini life-force energy to move upward, igniting divine inspiration.

Bring Happiness 5: Tell the truth.

When you are passionate about something, it is normal to wish everyone knew about it, too. However, under the new moon’s fervent zeal of Sagittarius, it will be easy to come across as a preachy proselytizer instead of the resourceful friend. Share generosity, because that is what Sagittarius is all about. You should do it with an open heart and nonattachment. In other words, ditch the know-it-all attitude and also speak from a place of compassion and wisdom.

Bring Happiness 6: Practice a dose of daily Zen.

The wisdom-speaking Sagittarius rules some higher knowledge, as well as world religions and philosophy. This is the sign that pulls from a lot of different sources to arrive at a universal “truth.” You should raise your consciousness at the Sagittarius New Moon by looking into some new ways of seeing, as well as being. Go ahead and explore obscure philosophies. Study the way indigenous tribes live. You can also add some more communal touches to your lifestyle. Suspend judgment and take it all in.

See the light in every human being and better yet, be your own guru.

Source/Inspiration: MBG

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