7 Reasons Why Women’s Beauty Cannot Be Determined By a Makeup.

7 Reasons Why Women’s Beauty Cannot Be Determined By a Makeup.

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Too many people nowadays believe that makeup is an essential and that women’s beauty is dependent on it. And they have every right to think that because in this era we live in, women are constantly judged by their appearances. Even worse, the mass media and pop culture support such judgments. Of course, big businesses make money on promoting the before and after effects of makeup and its wonders. All of these makeup brands support them as magical and miraculous, and women desperate for acknowledgment spend their money on them. Most of the time these women end up even more disappointed than before.

The reality and the truth is that nothing beautiful has ever come out from a lipstick or a glimpse of mascara. No matter how expensive they are.

Following are the actual things that form a women’s beauty. They are the real miraculous ones, and no makeup can ever do what they can.

1. Women’s compassion.

Compassion is the glue that holds every relationship together. No matter if a wife or a mother, women are full of compassion.

Even though the mass media promote celebrities that are self-absorbed, men don’t find such female behavior very attractive and appealing. A woman that loves herself, and at the same time is not selfish to give love is far more desirable to men.

2. Women’s passion.

Is not a surprise that a woman filled with passion is beautiful and attractive. Some women lose themselves in time and forget the things that filled them with a passion so they start living a passionless life. This is why in order to stay beautiful, women need to follow their passions and take the time for it. They need to understand that life is too short and precious so enjoy the ride. Such woman is the one others admire and look up to. And the greatest thing about it is that passion is contagious.

3. Woman’s mind.

Forget about the myth saying that beautiful women aren’t smart. It doesn’t mean that a woman is caring too much about her appearance that doesn’t care about a single book or a woman has her nose dug up in the book that she doesn’t care about hearing appearance. After all, intelligence is sexy, and yes some women are smart, intelligent and beautiful.

4. Women’s Resilience.

Can you imagine anything more beautiful than a woman that refuses to give up? She does everything in her power to achieve whatever she has imagined whether it’s her relationship or career. The ultra-feminist ones are not in this group. Fighting over what to have for lunch is just pointless. Resilience actually means that a woman never lets life defeat her. Of course, unless she allows herself to be defeated.

5. Women’s fun loving spirit.

No matter how much makeup she has on, a woman can’t be beautiful if she is dull and not fun. The sense of adventure in women is what man finds very attractive and appealing. A spontaneous woman is also what man adores and find beauty in women.

6. Women’s confidence.

Women’s beauty will always be determined not by her her makeup but by her trust in herself. If she is always self-anxious and self-criticized, that is the way others will see her too. On the other hand, if a woman is confident in herself it means she wants others to feel the same way as she does. Yet there is a fine line between confidence and an enormous ego. The second ones, don’t look appealing at all. Be careful not to cross it.

7. Women’s energy.

This is probably the most beautiful quality a beautiful woman can have. All the previously mentioned sum up in her energy. Such women need no makeup at all; their energy sparkles.

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