8 Powerful Money Beliefs We Need to Have Right Now.

8 Powerful Money Beliefs We Need to Have Right Now.

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With the holiday season now behind us, most of us find ourselves broke and stressed. Our credit cards are maxed out, and our bank account has a red line beside the balance. We’re at zero all across the boards and, once again, back to penny pinching, no more fun nights out with your friends, and no extra money for anything.  Did you know that our money beliefs keep us trapped in this vicious cycle? Why do we only focus on money for business? What our mind tells us repeatedly about our money is far more powerful than we realize.

The Law Of Attraction is a funny thing. The funniest thing about it is that it works, no matter what. If we continually talk about how broke we are, the Law will keep you broke. If we talk about how blessed and bountiful we are, we stay there.  You see the Law works with your thoughts. Funny, huh?

Let’s plug some better beliefs into our minds, starting now, so that by this time next year, we aren’t stressed, broke and sad again.

1. Money is there for everyone.

There is abundance out there like we can’t even imagine. Keep in mind that money is everywhere. There is enough for everyone. Money flows around the world like the wind blows. It never ends, and it’s always floating around. Believe that. Money is everywhere. We must start believing that you can tap into that unlimited abundance. We can.

2. Don’t be desperate for money.

Detach from your scarcity mindset and start adopting a “money will come to me” belief. When we come from desperation and lack of mentality, the Law will keep us there. Don’t forget that. Watch your thoughts here, especially, and the words you speak. Change the “I’m always broke” with “My situation is temporary, and money is on its way.”

3. You can afford things.

Doesn’t matter whether or not we can at the moment but maybe one day in the future we will be able to. If we see a beautiful pair of shoes that we really like but don’t have the money for now, doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t have it in a month or two or three. Don’t tell yourself you can never afford these things because, guess what, we will never be able to afford them if we keep saying that.

4. Miracles happen all the time.

We must believe that money can come to us in miraculous ways. It does and it can, if we let it. So many of us think that the only way money comes to us is through our jobs or monthly pensions. Have you tried internet business? Money can come in a million other ways. Don’t close or limit your thoughts or your money stream. Let it flow to you, like a miracle.

5. I can give.

Many of us believe we can’t give to charity or donate to organizations because we barely have “two cents to rub together.” If we continuously think that, we will never have money to give and we will always be poor. Start donating, even just a wee bit at a time and watch how that comes back to you. Even if you only have $1 to give, give it anyway. Then watch.

money beliefs

6. No expectations.

Don’t attach expectations or conditions to your money, how it’s going to come, when or where it will come from. Let it be. We try to control the money we have coming in and out but in reality, when we do that, we are limiting and blocking it. We want more money without strings or expectations.

7. I deserve this.

This, being money and abundance. Just because we may have been raised in a poor environment and wore hand-me-downs to school every day doesn’t mean that we have to live like that for the rest of our life. You’ve read many rags to riches stories and though you may not necessarily want to be a millionaire, you most certainly don’t have to live in poverty either. Believe with all your heart and mind that you deserve to live in abundance. Prosperity is definitely our birthright.

8. I am an equal.

Nobody is better than you. The people who live two blocks away may have a nicer house and nicer cars and better jobs, and maybe, just maybe, they may have a bit more money than us, but that doesn’t mean they are better than us, smarter than us or more abundant than us. We can have a nice house and car and all that jazz too, if we want it. Don’t ever think or believe that richer people are better than you. We are all equals, and the abundance that is everywhere is available to us as well.

Final thoughts.

Our limiting beliefs keep us from many things, not just abundance and prosperity, but also from happiness and sometimes, the love we deserve. Change the way you think about things, and some of the beliefs you hold,  and watch how your life will unfold and wonderful opportunities will present themselves to you.

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