9 Ways To Improve Yourself? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

9 Ways To Improve Yourself? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Most of us keep on preventing our focus in life from shifting. We tend to refuse to live our life on life’s terms and keep on living it on our terms. We try to adapt our environment to us instead of adapting ourselves to our environment.  

It’s time to stop caring about things that don’t really matter and focus on more important ones. Here are 9 reminders to help you live a happy and productive life.

1. Excuses

Your ego can really complicate everything, even your entire life. Whether you did something or not is a simple choice of action.

So, when you don’t do something, it’s not done no matter the reason. Instead of wasting time on making excuses, you can try again or leave it as it is.

2. Old Regrets

Even though remembering the past is normal, you shouldn’t bother about old regrets. Everyone makes mistakes, even the best of us.

The die was cast, a mistake was made, but what you choose to do after that defines your character.

Stop thinking about what should’ve been or what could’ve been. Any possibility right now is only an illusion fueled by ego, desire, and fear.

You don’t need another set of these formations in your life. Don’t make your enemy stronger.

3. Things You Don’t Have

Society today has made us greedier than ever when it comes to materialistic possessions. It has made us associate these things with our emotions and pride. We go to the extent that we connect the gain of a certain material object to something totally unrelated.

For example: “If I had this Lamborghini, I could get any woman I want.”

The new car won’t help you create a loving relationship, make you a better person, or make you happy in a productive or sustainable way.

So, why do we keep doing this?

Fear and laziness can make us believe that materialistic goods will make us more important and better. We are either afraid or too lazy to put the effort to make our dream come true, so we try to make it look like we did.

Sometimes, we refuse to grow or move forward because we’re too afraid of change, even if we’re stuck in a cycle that we are well familiar with.

4. Failure

Failure is a strong word with heavy emotional content to it, yet we often use it when we don’t achieve our goal.

Why do we belittle ourselves or beat ourselves over something we weren’t able to achieve?

We are the ones who frame the terms of our success, so we have failed only when we say so.

Imagine people rock climbing at a gym. Normally, they will all fall, but it’s the way they behave after that. Some of them will get mad and upset at themselves or even the rocks, some will get frustrated and quit, and some will laugh and try again.

Everyone who will make it to the top will be considered successful, no matter how many times they have fallen before or how angry they were for not succeeding right away.

5. The Need to Feel Comfortable and Safe

Refusing to be physically, mentally, or spiritually uncomfortable and always seeking safety can be really confusing. A person’s comfort zone often reinforces illusions and denies reality.

The truth is, some of your friends may hurt you, a burglar may break into your home, a fire can start in your house… There are plenty of possible situations that can happen and disturb or hurt you in any way, but that’s reality. It’s time to accept the fact that you can’t control everything.

6. Toxic Relationships

The people you choose to spend your time with, your friends and partners, are reflections of you as an individual. They can either inspire you to grow as a person and do better and achieve more, or drag you down. Choose wisely.

7. Getting a Reward Every Time

Working for the greater good and laying your ego aside is the best thing you can do for your happiness. Truly happy people are not the ones who are constantly praised or rewarded about their deeds. They don’t wait to be rewarded to feel happy or validated.

The only thing that will keep on positively affecting others after your death are the good things you did in your life, not the things you did only for your benefit.

8. Judgments

You don’t need much provocation to form a judgment about someone. But, when you see and judge a person, you’re only judging their subjective illusion version.

A person chooses to present themselves in the version they feel most comfortable with, to hide their flaws or insecurities. So, stop judging people and remember that you don’t know so many things about them.

9. The End Result

The means we choose to achieve our goal in life are as important as the goal itself. But, don’t forget that life is about the journey. Be aware of the people around you now and appreciate them.

Stop for a second and breathe.

It may be hard to find a balance between your goals and your present, but it’s something that you must do to be truly happy.

Your pace in life depends on you, so stop whenever you need a break, and continue on when you feel ready.


Photo by Joe Pregadio on Unsplash

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