A Chinese Boy Finds 66-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Eggs

A Chinese Boy Finds 66-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Eggs

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A fossilized dinosaur egg of an extremely rare dinosaur nest was accidentally found in the city of Héyuán located in the Guangdong province, China, known for the number of dinosaur egg fossils. Namely, the 10-year old Zhang Yangzhe unearthed the egg while playing near a lake leading to the discovery of the 66 million years old nest.

The boy, who was with his mother, was playing on an embankment near the Dong River when he found the fossil. Ladbible reports that he was trying to find something to crack open walnuts when he accidentally unearthed the egg. Being a huge fan of science and obsessed with dinosaurs, he was pretty excited when he found out what he actually discovered.

Strange Stone in the Ground

The Sun reports that the boy noticed “a strange stone” while digging in the red soil. He dug the stone up very carefully. At first, the boy thought it was just a piece of cement. He also noticed the circles on the stone’s surface, reports Daily Mail.

However, once he analyzed it more carefully, he realized it’s something unusual, and based on the shape, he even suspected it was an ancient dinosaur egg. Zhang told the local news that he knew a little about dinosaurs from the books he read and the cultural corridor of the school. When he called his mother to show her the strange item, she also thought it must be a dinosaur egg. They called the local museum and waited until experts arrived, guarding the egg the whole time.

Dinosaur Egg Nest

When experts confirmed the little boy’s discovery was a fossilized dinosaur egg, they started excavating the site for days. What they discovered was even more amazing – a nest of ten fossilized dinosaur eggs just like the first one. The reason why they were convinced it’s a dinosaur nest is because all the eggs were found in a small area. The eggs were around 9.1 cm or 3.5 inches in diameter.

The eggs are now further investigated at the local Héyuán Dinosaur Museum. Experts believe they are around 66 million years old.

Daily Mail shares the statement of the former director of the museum Huang Ding who says the eggs come from the late Cretaceous period – the era before the mass dinosaur extinction that happened 65 million years ago.

Hometown of Dinosaurs

The city of Héyuán is known as the hometown of dinosaurs since a number of dinosaur fossils and eggs were found in this area. It’s an ordinary city in China with a population of 3 million people, but it’s known as the home of dinosaurs.

The first fossilized dinosaur egg found in this city was in 1996. In 2015, a nest of 40 eggs was found by workmen laying sewage pipes. According to the Daily Mail, there are over 17,000 fossilized eggs unearthed in this city, 10,000 of which are displayed at the local Héyuán Museum. The museum has one of the most extensive and precious collections of fossilized prehistoric eggs in the world.

A Triceratops Skull That’s 56 Million Years Old

Recently, there was another big dinosaur discovery made in the US. Namely, the college student Harrison Duran is obsessed with dinosaurs. He made the discovery of his life when he found a 65-million-year-old triceratops skull at Hell Creek Formation in North Dakota.

A cast of the dinosaur skull will be created and displayed at the University of California so that the student can share his discovery with his pers.

Further Egg Research

Chinese researchers are trying to find the exact species of dinosaur that has laid the eggs 66 million years ago. The fantastic discovery of the dinosaur nest will help researchers better understand these glorious creatures right before their extinction. One day, the little Chinese boy may see his remarkable discovery displayed at the local museum.

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