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Curry Glassell is a dynamic producer, author, speaker, philanthropist, facilitator and art-loving mother of two, with a rare personal story and a unique perspective on wealth, happiness and financial empowerment. Raised in a billionaire home, Curry’s early life was dominated by the contrasting elements of extreme luxury and a sense of complete financial disempowerment. At the age of 40, she found herself newly divorced, with two sons to raise and a $2 million debt. It was then that Curry finally grasped the true secrets to creating personal wealth – courage, honesty and a willingness to invite in new possibilities. As a Right Riches for You facilitator, assisting people around America and the world, Curry draws upon her personal experience with great wealth, huge debt and joyful wealth creation to help others re-create their financial story and realize what’s actually out there for them in the world, if they let it in.

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How to spend wisely without buying into a ‘lack’ mindset.

money lack
One of the most important things we can understand about our relationship with money is that most of our attitudes, habits, and beliefs around wealth are ingrained in ...
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