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Shocking Evidence Showing That Ancient India Was The Source Of Ancient Egyptian Civilization.

Egyptian Civilization
The Hindu dharma began as a civilization than the ‘dharma’ itself. Nowadays, the world’s political nature has curved the real meaning of the Hindu dharma. But, there are ...
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Your Life Will Take a 180° Turn If You Let Go Of These 13 Mental Barriers.

Mental Barriers
One of the greatest and biggest lessons which you should learn in life is to travel light in your journey of life, and also enjoy good peace of ...
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Love Is…

A lot of people that we know confuse love with possession. It is easy to see the reason why. It is built into the fundamental assumption of our ...
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15 Life-Changing Quotes By Ernest Hemingway.

Ernest Hemingway
Ernest Hemingway had once rocked the world of literature with his writing style. Writing in a minimal and trite language, this colorful author could present his stories in ...
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Lunar New Year 2019 Welcomes the Year of the Pig — Get Ready for Fortune, Financial Flow and Abundance!

Year of the Pig
Today, we are living behind the year of the Yang Earth Dog, and we are entering into the year called Yin Earth Pig. In the astrology of China, ...
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Tonight Is The Most Energetic New Moon Of 2019 — Get Ready For A Massive Energy Shift!

Energetic New Moon
On the 4th of February, we are going to witness a New Moon happening in Aquarius. This New Moon will hold glittering, beautiful and abundant energy for every ...
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Today the Planet Venus Enters Capricorn and Opens the Love Season with a Bang.

Venus Enters Capricorn
The month of February is at the doors, and it will bring the love season with it. For the so-called metaphysical world, it is not a surprise that ...
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The Extremely Potent New Moon On 4th February Keeps You Optimistic & Hopeful.

new moon
On 4th of February 2019, the New Moon will be at 15° Aquarius. This is a great alignment as it brings optimism and happiness into our lives. It ...
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