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Today Is The Longest Day Of The Year — Welcome to Summer Solstice, the Start of a New Cycle!

Summer Solstice
It is the time when either of the two occasions in the year happens: when the Sun is directly above either the furthest point north or the furthest ...
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A 75-Year Old Study Conducted by Harvard Shows The Three Most Important Secrets for Human Happiness.

Human Happiness
Are you happy? Happiness has become something that we started taking for granted. We think that the more we possess, the happier we become. We pursue careers, money, ...
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50 Quantum Upgrade Signs You May Experience This Month.

Quantum Upgrade
There are many different signs of quantum upgrades that occur on Earth. During this year, 2018, which is considered to be a year of radical changes, we face ...
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Tonight Is The Luckiest New Moon In 2018 — Get Ready For Fresh Beginnings!

new moon june 2018
This is the year of awakenings, spiritual enlightenment, as well as draining of all negativity and it continues to drive us all. This is also the year of ...
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Dementia Mom Who Couldn’t Recognize Her Son, Got Her Memory Back By Sticking To This Diet.

A woman at the age of 82, who was suffering from dementia and could not recognize her own son, has miraculously got her memory back after changing her ...
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Cats Are Magical Creatures — They Are Natural Empaths and Can Heal Your Mind, Body and Soul.

Natural Empaths
There are souls in this world that came to be the catalyst for change, healing, and growth. And even fewer that can be fully understood for what they offer, ...
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True Love Means Living In Peace And Stability.

true love
Someone who truly loves you will make you laugh, share happy moments, they will offer stability and certainty in your relationship, wiping away your fears, insecurities, and sadness. ...
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The Four-Ingredient Colon Cleanse Juice That Will Literally Flush Pounds of Toxins and Waste Out of Your System.

colon cleanse
These days, a lot of people suffer from problems related to their digestive systems, like damaged gut, chronic constipation, or IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). The colon is the ...
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