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The Spiritual Significance Of Halloween — Get Ready To Celebrate The Cycle Of The New!

Halloween or Samhain falls on 31st of October. It is actually the day when the veil between the world of the living and the dead is thinnest. Halloween ...
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Tonight Is The Most Miraculous New Moon Of 2019 — Get Ready For Intense Waves Of Energy!

the new moon
This month’s new moon will show its strong waves of energy on October 27th, and you’ll feel it deeply to your core. Even though the entire month wasn’t ...
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Heartwarming Photos of Happy Children Who Were Adopted

Happy Children
What do you think the number of children entering the U.S. foster care every day is? Around 1,200. That means that every day, around 1,200 children are beginning ...
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Halley’s Comet Will Bring Meteors To Earth In Tonight’s Orionid Meteor Shower!

orionid meteor shower
One of the best meteor showers of the fall will peak tonight and will streak across the night sky every hour. Since the skies will be clear, people ...
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Kids In Denmark Are Learning Empathy In Schools.

According to the 2018 UN’s World Happiness Report, Denmark is one of the top three happiest countries in the world for seven years in a row. So, what ...
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Best Friends Build An Eco-town So They Can Grow Old Together.

best friends
Have you ever thought how cool it’d be to live close to all of your best friends? Well, a group of eight friends is doing just that as ...
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Mercury Is Going Retrograde On Halloween And It’s The Scariest Thing Happening This Season!

The cosmos is leaving us with a spooky gift this Halloween called Mercury retrograde. As if the dread of the Mercury retrograde itself wasn’t enough, it begins on ...
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Tonight Is The Hunter’s Full Moon — Get Ready For a Powerful Shift!

hunter's full moon
The past month has been more about resting, contemplating and rejuvenating ourselves. It has also been about letting go of the old to embrace the new that emerges ...
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