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The Spiritual Significance Of Halloween — Get Ready To Celebrate The Cycle Of The New!

Halloween or Samhain fells on 31st of October. It is actually the day when the veil between the world of the living and the dead is thinnest. Halloween ...
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Sun and Venus Unite, birthing a “New Venus”—and Granting Us All a Fresh Start!

Sun and Venus Unite
The planet Venus was retrograde since the 5th of October, and it is going to stay this way until the 16th of November, but on the 26th of ...
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Tonight Is The Most Miraculous Full Moon Of 2018 — Get Ready For a Massive Energy Shift!

Miraculous Full Moon
There is a calmness which can usually happen just before a storm is about to occur. The weather gets a bit warmer, the air a bit drier, as ...
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Halley’s Comet Will Bring Meteors To Earth In Tonight’s Orionid Meteor Shower — Keep Your Eyes To The Sky!

orinoid meteor shower
One of the best meteor showers of the fall will peak tonight with about a dozen of meteors. It will streak across the night sky on every hour. ...
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Taurus Full Moon Rising October 24th: Love May Catch You Off Guard.

Taurus Full Moon
The Full Moon this October is all about uncertainty and change, specifically in relationships. When Venus is opposite Uranus, there’s uncertainty even in finances. However, the Full Moon ...
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NASA Revives “Alien Life Form” Found In Mexico’s “Cave of Crystals”.

Cave of Crystals
Mexico’s Naica Mine in Chihuahua was originally explored to find lead, zinc and other minerals, but as teams excavated deeper into the caves, they found an amazing jungle ...
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California couple exchanged their vows 400 feet in the air over a canyon in Utah.

One thrill-seeking couple coming from California marked their marital union in high-flying fashion in 2017, with getting married on a net which was suspended 400 feet above the ...
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Three-Year-Old Russian Leads Orchestra of Adult Musicians With His Astonishing Drumming Abilities.

It is showtime, people! An interesting and amazing moment was when a 3-year-old Russian boy drummer leaded orchestra of adult musicians through Can-Can of Offenbach. A three-year-old Russian ...
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