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Multiverse: The Universe We Experience Is Just One Of A Gigantic Number Of Worlds.

Parallel Universes
Parallel universes have excited the minds of many, being imagined famously within the television series Fringe, and tailored as trade worlds for the Butterfly Effect. Howard Wiseman of ...
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A Detroit Church Is Paying Homeless People To Clean Up The City

Homeless People
The homelessness situation in America is severe, sad and getting worse. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development estimates that there are over 554,000 homeless people in ...
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Billion Dollars From Around The World Has Been Raised For Notre Dame Cathedral But We Can’t Fix The Planet.

Notre Dame Cathedral
Some historical landmarks, such as Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, are important cultural symbols, so naturally, we tend to feel emotional with such symbols, only as those symbols do ...
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The Pink Libra Full Moon Will Bring Renewal Into Your Life This April 19th.

libra full moon
Winter’s over and now, we are moving into spring. On April 19th, we will be greeted with the Full Pink Moon in Libra. It is a time for ...
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A Rare Double Libra Full Moon Will Bring You To The Edge.

libra full moon
On 19th April, the Full Moon will be occurring in Libra. This will be a special kind of Full Moon because the first one had just happened in ...
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This Is How To Recognize The Love Of Your Life: You Made A Pact Long Before You Were Born

Once upon a time, long before you were born, you chose him. You chose the one who makes the nights too short to say everything you want to ...
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Have you ever said or heard “I love you”? — A Zen master explains what it REALLY means.

i love you
One of the biggest step to take in any relationship is the uttering of the sentence “I love you”. That’s a given. And there are always questions and ...
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Today Is April 4 — Here Is The Deeper Meaning Behind Today’s 444 Powerful Angel Number.

april 4
Do you find your eyes drawn towards the watch exactly when it shows 4:44? Have you seen these three 4’s other times too? Have you been noticing them ...
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