Become a Contributor.

Self Develop Shop is a blog dedicated to helping readers reach their full potential by way of helping themselves.  We thrive on providing inspirational content to readers so that they can achieve their goal of becoming the best version of themselves. We are always on the lookout for talented writers.  As open as we are to hearing new ideas for awesome blog posts, we are very particular about the content that we post on our website.

The basic criteria.

Each article must be unique in nature.  We only accept articles that have not been made available on other websites.  In addition to being unique, they must also be plagiarism-free.  This is a standard for all journalistic writing, so claiming someone else’s work as your own will not be tolerated.  

All content should be rich and provide genuinely valuable information to the reader.  Our goal always is first and foremost to help others, and we want that to be expressed in our guest posts as well.  All articles should be written for readers in the personal development niche as seen throughout the website. 

As a rule of thumb, try to write articles that can fall into one of the five major categories:  Success, Health, Money, Self-Improvement, and Motivation. We want others to see the great work that you create! 

Interested in learning more about how you can guest-write for us? Check out some frequently asked questions below.   

What are the benefits of being featured on our website?

For one, you will make a solid name for yourself. Our site has been experiencing a lot of traffic, so if you are looking to get yourself noticed, then you have come to the right place. 

Secondly, you will receive the same credit as everyone else for writing your own articles. Writers receive their own link for their work! Another great benefit to being featured on our website is that there’s no pressure to submit on a daily basis.  Since you are a guest, you choose when you want to contribute to a blog that will change lives. How awesome is that?       

What kind of articles do I need to submit? 

We want you to express your creativity through your writing.  Although the possibilities are endless regarding the different types of articles that you can write about, we prefer for them to be in one of the following formats:

1) The List Post.

You’ve seen this type before and probably didn’t realize it. An article that starts to name a bunch of different things within a certain context can be considered a list post. A popular list post is the resource list which tells you “the 15 most” or “25 different ways.”

2) The Quiz Post.

The quiz post is meant to enlighten readers about a part of themselves that they may not know about. If you want to submit a quiz post, please send us a direct email for specific instructions.

3) The How-To Post.

Anything that teaches how to do something in some number of steps or provides advice on how to accomplish a task can be considered a how-to post.

Are there certain criteria that need to be followed?

We don’t ask for much, but we do need for your guest post to follow a few simple guidelines in order to get posted on our site.

1) Articles must be a minimum of 1100 words.

2) Content must be unique and fall into one of the Self Develop Shop categories. As we mentioned before, it has to fit into the same general self-help niche as the rest of the website.

3) Articles must be grammatically correct. Nothing is worse than looking at an excellent article and seeing a whole bunch of grammatical errors.  Take the time to proofread the work before submitting. We recommend using Grammarly if you need an extra set of eyes to check over the writing.

Is there a certain format that my articles need to follow?

Typically, we like for our blogs to follow a particular pattern. When they do so correctly, they truly engage readers with the content, and readers will want to see more of what we have to offer! The following is a general guide for submitting a great blog post:

1) Introduction.

-Invite readers inside by involving them.

-Get readers to feel an emotion. Emotions are a great way to get a reader hooked on your story. In fact, “pathos,” as it is referred to in the world of communication, is arguably the best way to make your story memorable.  

-Promise something that readers want. This is effective because it sets readers up for something that they may enjoy. 

2) Blog body.

-Simple and short paragraphs are key.

-Use subheadings when necessary.

3) Conclusion.

-Your conclusion should be just as important as your intro, so make sure it goes out with a bang.

-Make readers excited about wanting to do what you suggested in your blog. Get them fired up!

Because we want to be sure our readers are getting the absolute best in quality content, we reserve the right to edit them after submission. Are you ready to become a contributor to our blog?  Submit your best article today!