Become an Entrepreneur? Yes! Here’s How.

Become an Entrepreneur? Yes! Here’s How.


Many of us want to become an “entrepreneur” (a business owner),  and we think we can do it. The problem? We’re probably listening to naysayers instead of our inner selves. These otherwise-helpful folks will gladly fill us in on all the reasons why entrepreneurship can’t possibly work out for us. Among the myriad of excuses they give are:

It takes money to start a business.

We’d have to put in long hours.

How will we juggle all the responsibility?

It’s a long shot because the newer a business is, the easier it can fail.

We may assume a couple of those negative statements could be true. Or even all of them. Why? Because as humans, we tend to assume that what others assert to be true most likely is. And the fact is that maybe some of those things do happen to newer entrepreneurs. But maybe they only happen to those who allow the negative to creep into their business ideas and models they’ve come up with.

So while entrepreneuring isn’t easy, it’s absolutely doable. Let’s put aside the negatives and get started succeeding! Here are a few things we can do to prepare to start a business.

Entrepreneur classes and preparation.

As new business owners, of course we will worry about things not going exactly as they should. Worrying keeps us on our toes, but over-worrying can sabotage our best efforts. Like things attract like things. A positive frame of mind is key!

If we’re new to starting a business, then maybe it’s time to do some networking. There are all sorts of groups and entrepreneurship classes, and even some entrepreneur schools. In fact, some people even combine their entrepreneurial spirit and business savvy into an entrepreneurship degree in order to start their small business or grow it larger. So don’t be afraid to reach out and get involved. Folks in these groups and classes are doing the same thing we’re doing. They can help us and give some brilliant ideas. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Owning a new business is new to almost everyone there. They all want to learn as much as possible. So in our entrepreneurship groups, let’s reach out, offer advice, and learn from each other.

Let’s also journal our ideas. This tidbit of advice may sound like a no-brainer, but try it! There are times when we can just be driving along when a great idea hits. Write it down as soon as possible. With our rushing around every day, we forget some of our best ideas. Journaling is a great way to get those ideas down in writing, ready to use when we need them.

Next, read and keep reading. Let’s read any entrepreneur-related books and articles we can get our hands on. The better informed we are, the better decisions we’ll make when the time comes. Having all the research under our belts will only help us in the end. When’s the last time you heard someone complaining about knowing too much?

The personal life of an entrepreneur.

All the above information will help us on our way. The thing to remember is to take care of ourselves while getting ready for the world of entrepreneurship.


Get enough rest. People who don’t get enough rest have more trouble concentrating. Daytime sleepiness will also interfere with our work day. Not getting enough sleep can also cause vehicle accidents. It’s super important that we get the rest we need. No one benefits from business owners who are so sleep-deprived that they can’t concentrate. Lack of sleep can cause stroke, diabetes, heart disease, heart attacks, and more.

And let’s enjoy our free time. Seriously, when not working, let’s try new things and do the activities we want to do. Yes, it does take a lot of work to begin a new business, but burning out isn’t going to help. Enjoy reading? Grab a great novel. There’s no need to fill all 24 hours of every day with work. This is huge for those who tend to get too absorbed and don’t know when to back away. Sadly, this is one of the main reasons people walk away from a new business. They feel as though the business has completely taken away their lives.

Keep in touch with family and friends. Sometimes when we begin a new business, we tend to become so absorbed that we take those around us for granted. Yes, it’s perfectly okay to work towards our goals, but our family and friends are probably the very people who will be cheering us on after we make those first few sales!

Organization as an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship does take some organizational skills. If we have those skills before becoming an entrepreneur, then we should be okay. If not, take heed and become organized soon. When the paperwork and receipts start rolling in, we’ll have a place to keep everything.

If we happen to need a certain document pertaining to our business, we’ll know right where to find it. Losing papers wastes a ton of time if we have to spend hours searching. Taking the time to file things right away will save us mountains of grief.

Getting organized does not have to be boring or expensive. There are plenty of materials available at low-cost stores to get our filing going. One entrepreneur who was on a tight budget took cardboard boxes and covered them with beautiful contact paper. There are so many organizational hacks to be found on websites like Pinterest and Hometalk. Let the imagination take over when getting ready to begin our organization projects. Have fun. This is all about us and our business!

Remember, we have to believe in ourselves, and we need a good network of people. The more informed we are when it comes to entrepreneurship, the better off we will be. If we stay positive, the sky’s the limit!

In the comments, tell us about yourself and your business, and let’s help each other out!

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