Why Being Intimate is Important to Have in a Relationship.

Why Being Intimate is Important to Have in a Relationship.

being intimate

We don’t have to take our clothes off to have a good time. Being intimate takes a lot more than just being naked and getting on top of each other. It takes a lot more than kisses and touches.

Making love every night is not being intimate. Why do we have to move so fast?

Real intimacy is long and warm hugs. It is holding hands and cuddles. Being intimate means to be able to show your affection without even touching but with small, simple gestures like a wink and a pure and innocent smile. It means holding hands while waiting for the food in the restaurant.

To be intimate with someone you have to be extremely comfortable with that person. It means you can walk around in your PJs with no makeup on and still be told you are beautiful. Intimacy is showering together, sleeping and napping together.

Genuine intimacy takes time to build, and it is not something that you can fake. You can either be intimate with someone or not. It is not just the passion but the chemistry. In order to achieve it, you need to work on it. You need to build it continuously and start first by building trust in one another.

You need to work on yourself and your mind. Be honest and not ashamed or afraid of who you are. You shouldn’t just be a bare and naked body but a bare and open soul. You need to let your guards down and not be afraid to show your true self, your true desires and thoughts.

Intimacy means communication. It means talking to one another and not running away in the silence which appears more comfortable.

If you know what makes your partner lose their mind you should also know as much what goes through their heads and their hearts when they seem distant.

You need to be able to feel their feelings and hear their thoughts even when they are silent. You need to know what troubles them sleeping and what causes them nightmares.

If you know what makes them utterly happy, what makes them excited for longer than 5 seconds and what makes them who they are — then and only then you are experiencing real intimacy.

Being intimate is not just about physical intimacy but about spirituality and emotionality.

Being intimate is the ultimate goal partners should strive for — it is the one most sincere and valuable thing they can have in their relationship. It is the one thing that will keep them together forever.

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