Best Friends Build An Eco-town So They Can Grow Old Together.

Best Friends Build An Eco-town So They Can Grow Old Together.

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Have you ever thought how cool it’d be to live close to all of your best friends? Well, a group of eight friends is doing just that as they want to be surrounded by each other all the time when they get retired.

For some people, the perfect getaway may be a tropical island, and for others, a mountain cabin. But, not for this group of friends. They decided to build a tiny town just for their own near Austin, Texas, facing the Llano river.

Matt Garcia is the designer of these eco-friendly, sustainable cabins which make most of the surroundings. Each of them costs around $40K, and together they form the unique settlement called “Llano Exit Strategy.” The eight friends can’t wait to retire on the property with a close circle of their nearest and dearest.

The architect of the project says the high-design finish, the plywood covering the interiors, is not expensive, which helped keep the cost low. The cabins will stay cool during summer thanks to the insulated windows and reflective walls, which reflect outside heat. The butterfly roofs are connected to water tanks, which can collect up to 5,000 gallons of rainwater.

The four couples already lived close to each other, but their busy lifestyles didn’t allow them to spend as much time together as they wanted. They even thought about the time when other friends or family will come to visit. The architect has designed another 1,500-square foot cabin, including a guest bedroom and a large communal kitchen used for group dinners.

The kitchen includes an over-sized refrigerator and large stainless-steel appliances. There’s a black, granite countertop, a wine rack on each side, and steel stools. The countertop separates the kitchen from the communal living and dining room they will use to meet together and entertain their guests.

They have a beautiful octagonal picnic table outside where they can sit and enjoy the beautiful and peaceful scenery and observe the wide variety of birds and other animals like hare and deer.

Although the eight friends have still more work to do in their small settlement before they can finally move in, they use it to get away from everything and spend some quality time together.


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