Bon Jovi’s Foundation Donates Million’s to Ensure Homeless Veterans Have a Place to Call Home

Bon Jovi’s Foundation Donates Million’s to Ensure Homeless Veterans Have a Place to Call Home

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The singer wrote a song to pay tribute to veterans, telling the story of a soldier from their point of view.

We can all recognize the unique voice of Jon Bon Jovi whenever we hear some of his legendary rock hits on the radio. But now, the rockstar is using his voice to speak up for the homeless veterans living in the United States through his foundation called the JBJ Soul Foundation.

The focus of the singer is to help homeless veterans.

These people fought for the country and were not able to get back on their feet after returning home. Many of them deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which is why they had a difficult time returning to the workplace after leaving the battlefield.

His foundation has donated more than half a million dollars to help build an apartment facility that homeless veterans can call home. His donations have helped the non-profit HELP USA, which fights homelessness in the US, to open an apartment facility in Washington.

The reason why the singer has decided to focus on helping the US veterans is that his mother and father were both Marines, so service was part of his life, Stars and Stripes reports. That’s why he is doing his best to serve the ones who once served his country.

What not many people know is that a lot of these veterans struggle with PTSD after returning home, so they have a hard time re-adjusting to real life and the working world. That’s why many of them end up homeless on the streets.

Jon Bon Jovi’s foundation and HELP USA have helped put a roof over 77 veterans. One of them is the Air-Force veteran Clifton Braxton who lived in his car for over a year. He’s been transitioning in and out of homelessness for around 25 years. Now, at the age of 72, Clifton finally has a place he can call home. He’s happy to have his own bed to rest in, and a place his children and grandchildren can come and visit him.

Latisha Austin, 29, is the Army National Guard veteran who became homeless in 2017. She’s another veteran who got her own room in the complex provided by Jon Bon Jovi and HELP USA, after a year living in a temporary housing facility. She was so happy to have her own place that she hugged the door saying, “This is my room.”

Both Clifton and Latisha met the singer when they first saw their new home.

Besides putting his efforts to build a home for many veterans, Bon Jovi wrote a song called “Unbroken” to honor them. It’s about a country’s veteran who left everything behind and headed to the battlefield to serve the nation, only to return home with battle scars and nightmares no one could understand. The most touching part is that they are all willing to do the same thing all over again for their country. The emotional ballad is written through the eyes of a soldier whose life was never the same after returning home from the battlefield.

According to USA Today, the song will be part of his new album releasing in 2020, initially written for To Be of Service – a documentary honoring the veterans and their service dogs in the United States.

In his statement for CNN, the singer talks about the different life veterans had to live after returning from the field. Many of them had PTSD or other physical, mental, and emotional problems. But, the new complex provides support to them through vocational education and training, job placement, and help to deal with substance abuse, physical and psychiatric health concerns.

According to the chief housing officer of HELP USA, David Cleghorn, homeless veterans can easily become socially isolated after finding a permanent housing facility because of the survival mode they can get into. They can easily close the door and isolate, but the complex will try to encourage them to spend time together in specifically-designed spaces.

Jon Bon Jovi’s foundation is one step closer to breaking the cycle of hunger, poverty, and homelessness. The Veterans Advantage states that he addressed the crowd at one of his concerts reserved for the US servicemen and women with the following words:

We love them and appreciate what they go through for their nation and for their families that are thinking of them.


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