California couple exchanged their vows 400 feet in the air over a canyon in Utah.

California couple exchanged their vows 400 feet in the air over a canyon in Utah.

canyonThe Hearnes Adventure Photography

One thrill-seeking couple coming from California marked their marital union in high-flying fashion in 2017, with getting married on a net which was suspended 400 feet above the Utah canyon.

The man named Ryan Jenks and the woman named Kimberly Weglin first fell in love in Moab a few years ago while both of them were attending the high-lining festival, known as the GGBY, which attracts adventurous climbers from all over the world each year, and even got engaged at the festival in 2017.

So, when the time of saying ‘I do’ came, the couple decided that GGBY is going to be the perfect place officialize their marriage – and it was nothing without of spectacle.

Abbi Hearne was the one who took the wedding photos, and she described the event on her website as an epic, amazing, as well as crazy one.

The wedding ceremony was set up on the day before the festival started, with their best man Andy Lewis who engineered an incredible space net which would hold up the couple over a terrifying drop into a canyon.

The photographer Abbi explained:

After numbering a lot of ideas, they decided that they are going to use the original net and add an ‘aisle’ so that they could walk out to it.

The multi-colored net has been secured 4000 feet about the ground, and it was surrounded by different other high-lines where similarly adventurous onlookers took in the ceremony and three of the friends of the couple performed aerial stunts.

Also, going around the interesting setting was a friend that was painting the sight, another playing the flute, and another one blowing giant bubbles.

The bride walked down the ‘aisle’ accompanied by a man, presumably her father – who actually had a little trouble to keep upright as he made the nerve-wracking trek – wearing a stunning sheer Galia Lahav dress and matching veil.

Abbi also wrote:

As they were ending their ceremony, exchanging “Hell Yeahs” instead of “I Dos,” ten BASE jumper ‘flower girls’ lined along the cliff edges in tutus and jumped off one-by-one, releasing 5,000 flower petals which were packed in their parachutes.

She also praised the couple for creating such an amazing event which combined their passions, hobbies, interests, as well as personalities into every detail.

Ryan and Kim are not just slackliners, but they are also together co-founded Slackademics, which is a website that is dedicated to slackline and Highline art and education.

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