human species

I didn’t know there are so many extinct human species. Here are 10 of the most mysterious.

Modern humans or Homo sapiens are now the only living species in their genus, but several other species of ancient humans have existed through history. Our friends at ...
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First Human on Mars

17-Year-Old Girl from NASA Is Planning to Be the First Human on Mars.

Humans have been interested in extraterrestrial life since the dawn of space travel. With films such as Star Trek and Star Wars heightening human’s hunger for exploring outer ...
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Summer Solstice

Today Is The Longest Day Of The Year — Welcome to Summer Solstice, the Start of a New Cycle!

It is the time when either of the two occasions in the year happens: when the Sun is directly above either the furthest point north or the furthest ...
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Human Happiness

A 75-Year Old Study Conducted by Harvard Shows The Three Most Important Secrets for Human Happiness.

Are you happy? Happiness has become something that we started taking for granted. We think that the more we possess, the happier we become. We pursue careers, money, ...
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spiritual awakening

Waking Up Between 3 to 5 a.m. Could Indicate That You Are Experiencing A Spiritual Awakening.

Observing, as well as listening to the signals that your body gives you can help you in improving all physical and spiritual aspects of your life. Waking up ...
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evil person

8 Cautionary Signs You’re Dealing With a Destructive, Evil Person.

We can define evil, but it is hard to pin down. Evil is something that we hear about from the start of our lives, in forms of villains, the evil ...
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Metaphysical Meanings

These Are the Metaphysical Meanings of Specific Physical Pains.

Our body is a mystic source and perfect exemplar of the divine connection between the spiritual, the physical and the source of the universe and all beings. However, ...
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Study Reveals: Creative People Have 90% Chance to Be Schizophrenic and Face a Greater Risk to Suffer From Bipolar Disorder and Depression.

According to the suggestions of new research, creative people can be 90% more likely to suffer from schizophrenia than the average person. According to a study by the ...
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