Cops Get Fired After Claiming Mice Ate Half A Ton Of ‘Missing’ Weed

After the claims of police officers that mice ate an incredible half a ton of weed, about eight of them were fired from their workplaces at the Argentinean ...
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Egyptian Civilization

Shocking Evidence Showing That Ancient India Was The Source Of Ancient Egyptian Civilization.

The Hindu dharma began as a civilization than the ‘dharma’ itself. Nowadays, the world’s political nature has curved the real meaning of the Hindu dharma. But, there are ...
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Black Giraffe

American Hunter Posed With A Black Giraffe She Shot And Sparked Outrage On Social Media.

An American woman called Tess Thompson Talley has caused the rage of social media after pictures of her posing next to a slaughtered black giraffe while on a ...
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Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves Proves His Kindness By Secretly Financing Children’s Hospitals.

No one can deny what a generous lump is Keanu Reeves. Even though he has tried to maintain a relatively low profile and anonymity while performing acts of ...
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Rat Broke Into an ATM

A Rat Broke Into an ATM, Ate $18,000 worth of cash, and Died.

A lot of people use the phrase ‘Stranger by the minute’ in order to describe this world in which we are living and in which with every new ...
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Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

A Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in January — a Sign of Destruction and Apocalypse?

This year is still not finished, but there are some predictions about the end of the world in the one that comes. Biblical conspiracists that look into our ...
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winter solstice

Tonight Is Dark Night of the Soul — Welcome to December Solstice, the Start of a New Cycle!

The Solstice of December 2018 falls on the 21st, and it’s a significant turning point and the start of a new cycle. In the Northern Hemisphere, it is ...
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Welcome to December — the month of Magic, New Revelations, Inspiration and New Vision for your Life!

Welcome to the last month of this year! This will be a month full of welcoming hope. You may be getting inspired ideas back into your life, especially ...
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