California couple exchanged their vows 400 feet in the air over a canyon in Utah.

One thrill-seeking couple coming from California marked their marital union in high-flying fashion in 2017, with getting married on a net which was suspended 400 feet above the ...
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Hard Rock Band Bad Wolves

Cranberries’ ‘Zombie’ Got a Second Life Thanks to Hard Rock Band Bad Wolves.

When the lead singer of the Cranberries, Dolores O’Riordan, passed away in a hotel room in London on the 15th of January this year, the 46-years-old woman was ...
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smoke weed

What happens when a priest, a rabbi, and an atheist smoke weed together?

Many a joke has begun with a rabbi, a priest, and an atheist walking into a bar, but in a real-life scenario featuring the unlikely trio, there’s no ...
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human species

I didn’t know there are so many extinct human species. Here are 10 of the most mysterious.

Modern humans or Homo sapiens are now the only living species in their genus, but several other species of ancient humans have existed through history. Our friends at ...
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Conspiracy Facts

Conspiracy Facts and Spirituality Are Intimately Connected.

Is it considered ‘not spiritual’ to talk about an elite or cabal running our world? This has become a commonplace today, and there is a great deal of ...
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Ancient Sanskrit

9 Rules for being Human Passed Down from Ancient Sanskrit.

When every one of us was born, we did not come with a manual of an owner. So, here are some guidelines which will make our lives easier ...
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gold mine

Cajamarca Rejected $35 Billion Gold Mine Because Locals Wanted to Preserve Their Clean Air, Water and Lead a Simple Life.

The World Bank wants its gold mining project in Cajamarca, Colombia so bad, but the people that live in this small town voted against the mammoth South African-sourced ...
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Ancient Pyramids

Something Is Heating Up Inside Egypt’s Ancient Pyramids and Scientists Can’t Explain It!

Two weeks of new thermal scanning in Egypt’s Giza pyramids have identified anomalies in the 4,500-year-old burial structures, including a major one in the largest pyramid, the Antiquities ...
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