Fall In Love With Chocolate And Wine.

Fall In Love With Chocolate And Wine.

chocolates and wine

It feels like heaven right? To be free to eat as much chocolate and drink as much wine as you want and be healthier instead of gaining weight? No, it is not a joke. Consuming chocolate and wine can actually be of a great health benefit. These were the results of one of the latest studies that proved this fact. Consuming some things that you love and even though they are “forbidden” are actually ideal for you and your body.

More specifically this study has shown that such foods like chocolate and wine can be great for your gut. Like literally. Such food results in a diverse population of bacteria in your gut which actually makes you healthier.

These results were made after analyzing more than a thousand poop samples of people that lived in Belgium. Their own diets directly reflected the findings. In the analysis of people living in Belgium were found associations with chocolate and beer. In the other analysis of people living in the Netherlands were found associations with dairy products.

Nevertheless, the results of both analysis were that if one changes a little something of what he usually eats, it can affect the gut bacteria. Chocolate and wine boosted the diversity of the bacteria. While on the other hand, the food full of fat, carbs and a lot of calories decreased the level of microbiome diversity. Such conditions are very often noticed between people that live in countries such as the USA.

However, these results and studies don’t mean that you need to start consuming chocolate and wine excessively. It doesn’t mean go ahead and find yourself staring at an empty bottle of wine when you wake up in the morning. This means you can enjoy a glass of wine and a slice of chocolate every once in a while and be comfortable doing it because it’s actually good for your health.

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