These Fancy Chocolates Will Kick Your Anxiety In The Most Delicious Way Possible!

These Fancy Chocolates Will Kick Your Anxiety In The Most Delicious Way Possible!


Are you ready for an all-natural self-care treat with which you will be obsessed soon? If you are — cool. We are going to introduce you the Not Pot’s CBD Chocolates Hearts. It is not only its packaging freaking adorable, but they are also a real treat. Here’s everything that you need to know about it.

Needed ingredients:

These little hearts are all organic, vegan, dairy free and soy free, with organic raw cacao, maple sugar, and ashwagandha.


Even though it is not printed on the label or listed online, Not Pot says that each of the hearts has two milligrams of CBD. This is actually a very light dose, as well as a great idea for someone who is just easing into CBD. For reference, one dropper full (one serving) of the medium-strength Charlotte’s Web Hemp CBD Oil is 25 milligrams. Not Pot also recommends one heart daily.


Do you love dark chocolates? You will definitely love these, as they are also dark chocolates. They also have a really good quality. There is the subtlest, almost unnoticeable touch of herb, which may also be the hemp but also can be the ashwagandha. It is also so subtle that you may not, in fact, taste it at all. They taste just like a dessert.


The adorable jar which is palm printed and pink will cost you $30 for 30 hearts, making it about 50 % per CBD milligram. They may cost a lot but they are delicious. Maybe, this is just the price of self-care.


As we mentioned before, it is a very low dose. You will need about three chocolate hearts in order to feel the effects. And once you will feel them, you will feel exceptionally relaxing. One reviewer on the website of the brand noted that they have felt calmer in a period of one week. So, you should take them more consistently day after day, in order to see if you can log a more considerable difference vs. your “take three and chill” experiment.


Would you use these in order to replace Ativan or Xanax? No — you will probably stick to CBD oil for that since it is such a higher concentrate and it also has the more immediate and more potent impacts you need to stave off a panic attack. Would you like to consume these little hearts each day in order to create a sense of calm and lower your stress levels overall? You should do this absolutely. An organic and natural product from Mother Nature which tastes great and combats anxiety, plus — they are chocolates! [Inspired by PopSugar]

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