Cops Get Fired After Claiming Mice Ate Half A Ton Of ‘Missing’ Weed

Cops Get Fired After Claiming Mice Ate Half A Ton Of ‘Missing’ Weed


After the claims of police officers that mice ate an incredible half a ton of weed, about eight of them were fired from their workplaces at the Argentinean police forces.

More than half a ton of cannabis has been found as missing from the police warehouse located in Pilar, which is a town around 50 miles away of the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires.

Whereas the eight Argentinean police officers claimed that the weed was eaten by mice and that mice eat weed more usually than people think, the report of the forensic investigators said that they already checked the scene out and they haven’t found evidence which proved that the missing cannabis was consumed by mice.

The disappearance of the cannabis has been noticed for the first time during a routine inspection of the warehouse, the place where this weed was stored for two whole years. Of the total of 6,000 kilos cannabis stored there and documented, just 5.460 kilograms were found, meaning that 540 kilos were missing. We can even imagine the number of mice needed to eat such a huge amount of weed, and the warehouse was sure a gigantic one.

One suspicious thing noted here was that the former police commissioner of the city, named Javier Specia, left the inventory for the impounded cannabis unrecognized and unsigned at the time he left his position in 2017, in April.

Emilio Portero is the commissioner who noticed the missing cannabis, and who replaces the former commissioner, after which he informed the authorities, and they came to inspect the case. Interestingly, the former commissioner, gave the identical explanation just like his three other subordinates and peers, saying that mice ate the 540 kilos of weed that were missing. But, as we already mentioned, the forensic experts haven’t found any evidence of this claiming, and mice were not even present in the warehouse. They also took into consideration the evident fact that a considerable number of mice will be needed in order to eat such an amount of weed.

The judge Adrián González Charvay said:

Buenos Aires University experts have explained that mice wouldn’t mistake the drug for food and that if a large group of mice had eaten it, a lot of corpses would have been found in the warehouse.

However, it is a surprise that they could have put some effort into concocting the alibi for all the cannabis that was missing if mice did not eat it: mice can do this, however.

For instance, in order to keep them in life, rats require an incredible third of the weight of their body in consumption on a daily basis.

A lot of studies even proved that the weed is good for rodents. One study from 2014, which was about cannabidiol, has proven that it protects the mice’s cognitive function, particularly those that have been afflicted with characteristic symptoms of Alzheimer’s and with brain trauma: tau buildup.

Another study from 2017 also demonstrated that some lower THC doses administered to mice preserved their ability to learn and also their retentive memory while they were growing older, contrary to the beliefs of a lot of people about the cannabis.


Image credit: themysteryvault, royalqueenseeds, ctvnews

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