Unleash Your Hidden Talent: Creative Thinking in 6 Easy Steps!

Unleash Your Hidden Talent: Creative Thinking in 6 Easy Steps!

creative thinking

Creative thinking means having the power of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality, generating solutions, and adding new things to the world. To be more creative is a skill everyone wants but not everyone has. Only the few who have developed strong creative-thinking abilities can think “outside the box.” They very likely are the ones who will lead in the future.

The truth is that every one of us is blessed with creativity, but not all of us express it. That’s not entirely our fault, because society does not approve or encourage it. It is up to us to improve our creative thinking. Let’s learn about its complexity and train our minds to be more creative.

Of course, it will pay off, because creative thinking is important in the business world. We all know nothing is as annoying as thinking of a brand new idea and forgetting it along the way. So here are six tips we find very useful to be more creative.

1. Be optimistic about the rise of our creativity.

As obvious as this sounds, it’s critical for us to be hopeful and confident about ourselves. To believe in the growth of our creativity is crucial because belief and hope are the most powerful motivators.

We have to forget about the idea that we have to be born with it to have creative thinking, or that it is a talent. No, it is not. If we want to be more creative, all we have to do is encourage it and let it grow. Focus our mind and fully commit ourselves to the desire of improving our creative thinking.

2. Always choose lateral learning over vertical.

Roughly speaking, there are two types of ways we learn things. One of them is when we learn in sequence, and that’s the so-called ‘vertical thinking.’ There is nothing wrong with being a vertical thinker except that such people follow paths that others left behind. They always do what is expected of them.

On the other hand, lateral thinkers take indirect approaches to solving problems. They don’t give up, forever looking for new ways to do things, always taking risks, no matter the failures. Lateral thinking and learning are what we should strive for if we want to be more creative. Come up with new ideas instead of just following patterns.

The reality is that if we are logical thinkers, we naturally will often choose vertical learning. Nonetheless, we should make an effort and focus on lateral thinking to learn different things so that in the future we have more resources and can be more creative.

3. Train our creative minds.

We can not think of a better inspiration and motivation for ourselves and our desire to be more creative than of course the one and only Steve Jobs! He shared a lot of his knowledge and wisdom about creativity itself and how to achieve the very pinnacle of it. By taking him as an inspiration, we can never go wrong. That is why we should always choose our mentors wisely.

It’s a great thing for us to know that working hard and diligently training our mind will always pay off. By always pushing ourselves and stimulating our ideas, we’ll be more creative as time goes on.

Never miss a chance to brainstorm, alone or with other people. Let our creativity, our thoughts, and our ideas flow. Try to actually write down as many as we can. It’s all about practice, so we eventually trigger the growth.

4. Dedicate quality time for creative thinking.

If we want so badly to be more creative, we need to devote some serious quality time to it. We will need at least one hour per day to train our mind, forgetting about our obligations or work. We need to let our thoughts wander around freely without anything interfering.

This hour, or whatever time we dedicate to our creativity, is a must if our goal is to get as creative as possible. So allow ourselves this luxury and freedom, and witness what we can accomplish!

5. Always carry a pocket journal for our brainstorms!

Ideas. Who doesn’t want to have brand-new ideas? We sure do! But isn’t it the most irritating feeling when we’ve just come up with the greatest idea in the world, but by the time we realize that, it just fades away? And no matter what we do or how much we think about it, we just can’t remember? We only have the feeling of how great the idea was, but not the idea itself. What makes it even sadder is that this is not a once-a-lifetime problem, but it happens way more often. Some people even get exasperated by it.

Always carry a pocket journal and a pen. Geniuses strongly recommend it! Let’s start writing down our ideas and thoughts and never feel irritated about it again!

6. Use both sides of the brain.

Accessing our creativity is not as easy as we may think. It’s not like we can press a button and use our left brain if we need to think logically at the moment, and then later when we have to be more creative, press the right-brain button so we can get our creativity-thinking mode on and get ideas to flow.

We wish it worked this way, but it’s not that simple. So we need to train ourselves to transition efficiently between logical and creative thinking. And once we have mastered this, we’ll have the wonderful potential of becoming a creative genius!

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  1. What a great post!! Especially #3 as entrepreneurs we truly have to retrain our minds to be creative and think outside the box as with school we are so limited on how to be a better employee and not work for ourselves! And #5, I love my iPhone notes! I pull my phone out 100’s of times a day to jot notes down and ideas! Thanks for the great share!

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