Canadian Scientists Shocked the World: A CURE To Attack Antibiotic-Resistant Lung Infections!

Canadian Scientists Shocked the World: A CURE To Attack Antibiotic-Resistant Lung Infections!

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Latest news confirms that Canadian scientists have found the way to breakthrough and treat antibiotic-resistant lung infections and it is huge! Asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, you name it.

Such findings will have an extreme benefit for people with cystic fibrosis.


It will help people with some other lung diseases who are at a greater risk of getting any infections.

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The treatment works thanks to biofilms which are slimy coatings used by some fungi and bacteria as a protection. Even though biofilms can be harmless they can also be the main cause of some hospital acquired infections.

So doctors and scientists have found a way to combine some bacteria and fungi in order to build a biofilm matrix which will eventually defend the organism from further lung infections.

The tests and experiments were made on mice and it took 10 years of laboratory tests to prove that what actually worked in both the fungi and the bacteria were the enzymes.

Later then a senior scientist and a professor of molecular biology stated that they finally understood the mechanics of how it all worked for them in the future to apply the approach more broadly. It was then when the new and successful way to treat lung infections was found.

The Professor stated that this discovery will be applied therapeutically as an enzyme therapy for people that have chronic lung diseases or cystic fibrosis.

It is also important for people to understand that treating lung diseases are much more difficult both because of the difficulty to access and the potential side effects.

However, this is very important discovery when it comes to treating lung infections and the benefits of it are beyond significant.

THIS IS HUGE! Canadian docs discover a new way to beat the superbug. You can read the whole breakthrough here.


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