Live Longer? Einstein Scientists Discover A Cure For Extending The Human Lifespan!

Live Longer? Einstein Scientists Discover A Cure For Extending The Human Lifespan!

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Since ancient ages, many emperors and dictators were searching for eternal life and eternal beauty. It’s in our nature. Many scientists were also searching for the “fountain of youth” in order to extend human lifespan.

The technology evolved, the science, the medicine — we’ve reached immeasurable advancements. Maybe it’s hidden from the public but the search never stopped. It’s the deepest human desire and curiosity of life. It was also our curiosity for the human lifespan that led us to the newest research published recently from the scientists of Albert Einstein College of Medicine – published in Nature!

The study first began in 2013 when the Einstein scientists continued from the well-fact that the hypothalamus is regulating growth, reproduction, metabolism, and development. In the same paper — Nature, they published surprising discovery that the hypothalamus also regulates aging throughout the body. Four years later, the same crew of brilliant scientists from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, published in the same paper that brain stem cells in the hypothalamus govern how fast aging occurs.

It is then when a pharmacology professor stated that the process of replenishing the stem cells, can provoke slowing and even reversing various facts of aging in the body.

Next, the scientists wanted to learn if the aggressive loss of stem cells causes aging, so they made a test on mice. The ending results were that the animals with disrupted stem cells died earlier than normal.

The scientists injected stem cells in middle-aged mice, and they controlled their aging. The method applied, helped in slowing down the aging process with mice. So if this works on mice, why wouldn’t this help to extend the human lifespan and control the aging?

Later the scientists announced that this method works because with the additional stem cells added the hypothalamus releases molecules called miRNAs that play a fundamental role in aging.

Nowadays the scientists are trying to figure out if this method is completely safe. They are trying to figure out a way how to use it and apply it to stop the aging and extend the human lifespan.

One thing is for sure, and that is the fact that the hypothalamic stem cells do control aging thanks to the exosomal miRNAs. This study was supported by a significant number of doctors and scientists as well as by the National Institutes of Health.

This discovery is amazing and will help a great number of people in the future. Just imagine, delayed aging and extended human lifespan?

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