December Forecast: New Vibrations and Opportunities Bringing Closure of 2018.

December Forecast: New Vibrations and Opportunities Bringing Closure of 2018.

December Forecast

This month will bring us some new vibrations, as well as chances to bring resolution and closure to this year.

During the first half of this month, we will also see the planet Mercury, which is the planet related to communications, being in retrograde. Being under the energy of the retrograde, we will be encouraged and motivated to pause, reflect, and wait until moving forward.

Every time this planet is in retrograde, it will be the time for going within, as well as digging through the subconscious, so we would clear the blocks and relieve every lingering pattern, belief or thought that does not serve us any purpose anymore.

On December the 6th, the planet will go out of the retrograde, a period during which we may feel lighter and peaceful.

At this same period, when Mercury will go direct, we will have the New Moon happening on 6th and the 7th of December, in Sagittarius. It is a positive period which will bring fresh inspirations and some waves of optimism in people’s lives.

Being under the influence of this New Moon’s energy, we will be motivated to keep going and attune to the rhythms of Mother Earth.

We should not try to push or force some things but focus on the energy which will ask from us to give in our trust and permit our hearts to guide us.

The New Moon which comes carries some loving and free-flowing energies. We can utilize them to raise vibration, as well as boost the mood within us.

After the period of this New Moon, there is the 12/12 notable day on the year.

According to numerology, this 1212 pattern is connected with higher consciousness, as well as the capacity of seeing and traveling into some different dimensions.

On the 12/12, there will be an activation of the energy portal, in which we will strengthen the light bodies and our fields of energy surrounding us. Also, it is thought that we may utilize this strength from the light bodies for traveling across different dimensions, as well as accessing some greater consciousness realms.

Meditating, paying more attention to dreams, as well as observing all those signs, and even messages which the Universe sends us is going to be helpful for us in the opening to such energies.

On the 21st of December, there will be the Solstice that is identifiable by the shift of the Sun into Capricorn, which is an earth sign.

This Solstice will bring some changing of seasons, being the darkest day of 2018 in the Northern Hemisphere, as well as the longest one of 2018 in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Sun being in the sign of Capricorn will encourage us to be more grounded and take a practical and better view on our life. We will also have the ability to take adventures and inspirations which we gained during the period when it was in the sign of Sagittarius and then apply it now.

The energy of Capricorn wants sticking of fair habits, so, it will be the perfect period for setting new goals, making plans, as well as thinking of our resolution for the year that comes.

On the 22nd of December, there will be the Full Moon in the sign of Cancer.

It will be a highly emotional and sensitive period, and it will also be the last one before the season of eclipses.

Although sensitive, the Full Moon will be a great period for reflecting on all those lessons from this year and releasing everything we don’t want to carry anymore in the year that comes.

Also, it is an excellent period for emotional and spiritual cleansing and purifying ourselves, and practicing self-care and self-love.

Coming to the end of this year, it will be important to find some time to rest, take a good break, and make some time for important things.

The month of January is packed with action, having two different Eclipses, so this month – December – will be the last chance to spend some time looking on the spiritual, as well as emotional well-being and reflect.

This year was one of reflection and healing.

There were a lot of important retrogrades and shifts of planets in it, and it looks like our Universe was motivating us to clear the old, keep going, as well a reflect the person we are now.

Moving through this month, the reflective energies will amplify, giving us the ability to feel our growing, far-traveling and spiritual evolution.

The year that comes is a year based on action, so everything we did in this year will be applied to 2019. We will have the ability to take the newly upgraded selves, as well as shine so that the entire world will see.

Image Credit: Shutterstock (licensed by SDS)/By Bruce Rolff

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