Welcome to December — the month of Magic, New Revelations, Inspiration and New Vision for your Life!

Welcome to December — the month of Magic, New Revelations, Inspiration and New Vision for your Life!


Welcome to the last month of this year! This will be a month full of welcoming hope. You may be getting inspired ideas back into your life, especially if you have gone through a period of feeling uninspired, as well as bored or disappointed.

Some dreams which you may have given up on will come roaring back but in a new way. You may be opening up to some new ideas, a new vision for your life in alignment with who you are.

Here’s the December message:

Life will become uncomplicated and fun. When your goals are in alignment with what you are, life will begin to take on an enchanted, as well as flowing quality. You will be right on the cusp of this feeling. Stay focused on your ideas this month. You are capable of receiving messages when you are vigilant about how you are feeling in your body. And this will happen as you go about your day. When you do some things which resonate with who you are, you will feel energized, as well as excited. If you do some things which do not resonate with who you actually are, you will feel tired and drained as well. Stay aware of those messages.

Go with the flow:

December is not the month of struggling to achieve. Instead, you will have the opportunity to go with the flow. Just allow doors to open for you, rather than feeling like you will have to push against obstacles. You are invited to enjoy the place where you are now, as well as in the success that you have achieved. It is okay to take some time to meditate on how far you have come. Especially if you are that type of person that never feels like you have done enough.

There may also be a good reason for celebrating your success in this last month of the year.


Image Credit: Martina Stipan

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