Look Up At The Sky Tonight — Stunning Draconid Meteor Shower Will Light Up The Skies: Here is How to See It!

Look Up At The Sky Tonight — Stunning Draconid Meteor Shower Will Light Up The Skies: Here is How to See It!

draconid meteor shower

This night, everyone should look up at the sky! The Draconid meteor shower will be lightening it up and will make a beautiful show. Tonight, the annual shower will reach its peak. While it usually only produces a few meteors per hour, it is also known to feature even hundreds at a time.

Unlike the majority of meteor showers, which can be best viewed in the morning’s early hours following midnight, the Draconids actually start earlier. The best time when they can be seen is during the early evening hours tonight.

If you live in the Northern hemisphere …

… then when darkness falls, you should look up towards the extreme Northern portion of the sky. That is the place where they will be streaking from.

What is unique about the Draconid meteor shower is that it comes from the northern constellation which is known as Draco the Dragon.

A lot of people do not know where to find constellations in the sky.

However, this issue can be easily fixed by downloading an app on the phone. This app tells where exactly it is in the sky. You can use the app called “Star Walk”, as it works excellent.

What you need to do in order to see the meteor shower is to pick a nice open spot, away from any lights.

The darker the skies, the better the viewing.

The weather conditions can also affect the viewing, so you can check the local forecast. As long as the sky is clear, you should have the ability to see them.

No matter what, tonight’s meteor shower is actually a perfect opportunity for people to get outside and do some peaceful sky-gazing. You can also get some fresh fall air, make some new beautiful memories. Gather up your friends, family, pets, and people you love for a relaxing evening under the stars. It is not too late!

Share this article, and spread the message, so everyone would have the chance to see the beautiful meteor shower.

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