10 Reasons Why an Early Morning Workout Is Essential for Health.

10 Reasons Why an Early Morning Workout Is Essential for Health.

early morning workout

When it comes to health, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a morning person. It all comes down to the fact that exercising is a must to protect ourselves and prevent health problems. For the young, the old, the athletic, and the less active, an early morning workout is an essential!

Of course, an early morning workout routine is tough to establish, since we all have other things to do as soon as we wake up. Some make it easier by sleeping in workout clothes for one less thing to do before starting out. Open the blinds (bright light triggers the brain into an active state). Turn on some upbeat music while getting ready (studies have shown that music fires up the entire brain).

Once we get started in the morning and get used to the new routine, it will be easier. And the payoff will be that we’ll start noticing the results and all the benefits of our routine.

There will be benefits in both the short and long term.

Here are ten reasons why we should consider an early morning workout routine, plus all the benefits we can get from it.

1. An early morning workout improves our metabolism and helps lose weight.

Exercising in the morning will speed up our metabolism. A faster metabolism automatically burns more calories, and thus helps us lose weight even when we’re not consciously working on it! There are some lucky people who have a fast metabolism by nature, and then there are those of us who have to boost ours.

For those of us in that second group, there’s no better way to boost our metabolism than with an early morning workout.

2. We feel accomplished after exercising.

Every one of us has days when nothing seems to go right. Everything we do on those days seems to be a failure. But if we start exercising in the morning, we won’t have any of those days ever again!

Finishing an early morning workout will give us a feeling of accomplishment. We’ll feel like we’ve achieved something great, and we’ll feel better, more energized, and focused throughout the day.

3. We feel less stress and depression.

Research and studies have shown that exercising produces endorphins, which have the power to raise our level of happiness. People who are constantly nervous or stressed need to start working out. That will help them be happier and calmer throughout the day.

4. An early morning workout routine burns more fat.

Studies have also shown that workouts in the morning before breakfast can burn up to 20% more fat than other workouts. These morning workouts will help us achieve our desired results, get us in shape, and quickly put us in a great mood.

Exercising at night simply does not have the same benefits.

5. A routine like this can encourage other good habits.

In order for something to become a habit, we need to do it every day for a month. And if our goal is to lead a healthy lifestyle, an early morning workout is just one part of the battle. We need to eat healthy as well.

early morning workout

Maybe once we make exercising a habit, we will feel so good that we may even consider starting to eat well to protect our overall health.

6. Our skin will glow.

It’s proven that exercising and physical activity not only have a significant effect on our metabolism but on our skin as well. Our skin will naturally glow and appear healthier if we practice an early morning workout.

7. Our energy level will be much higher.

Once this morning exercising becomes a habit, we will feel a lot more energized, and we will feel the energy pumping in our body. We’ll even have more energy to spend on the workout itself, and thus work out harder and of course better.

8. We’re less likely to be interrupted in the morning.

The odds are low that someone will interrupt us in the morning. But when exercising in the afternoon, phone calls and other interruptions probably will set back our workout. This is just another reason to choose an early morning workout.

9. We can concentrate better all day.

Morning exercise works like coffee; it helps us concentrate and focus throughout the day. It’s definitely the best way to become more focused. We’ll also feel the benefits that such behavior can have on our job and life overall.

10. We sleep better.

A regular, early morning workout will benefit the quality of our sleep. Don’t underestimate that benefit, because sleep is a crucial part of our health!

To sum up, no matter how hard it may seem, an early morning workout is a habit we need to adopt. It is absolutely worth it, and the results will be beyond amazing! Get up, work out, and seize the day!

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  1. These are very important essentials and I have to agree with you in all of these. When I did yoga (yeah, I took a break haha), I really felt good about myself. 🙂

    Lucie http://www.inbluebox.com

  2. Very insightful article even for a night owl like myself. lol

  3. I stretch and meditate in the morning but to be honest I like to work out at night. All true reasons though especially metabolism, great post

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