21 Easy Ways to Succeed In 2017.

21 Easy Ways to Succeed In 2017.

ways to succeed

Are you ready for 2017? It’s time for us all to live this new year with awesomeness! If we didn’t accomplish much last year, that’s absolutely alright. We have to understand that our past doesn’t equal our future, so there are plenty of ways to succeed!

If we failed to achieve most of our goals last year, that doesn’t mean we’re going to fail again this year. Even if we did something and failed a moment ago, we can succeed at it now!

All we need to do is try again or change our approach. That’s how we can get better each year.

So here are 21 simple things we can do to accomplish more and achieve greater success in 2017.

1. Create our goals list.

Write down all the goals that we want to accomplish in this new year. Of course, remember to be specific and make sure our goals are something that we can act upon or perform.

Don’t write that we want to make $100,000 in 2017. Instead, write down the things that we can do that will make us $100,000. We want our goals to be actionable — to be actual ways to succeed.

2. Write down the most important goal every day.

Practice daily goal setting. In fact, this is one of the most underestimated techniques anyone can use to achieve amazing results in life.

Scott Adams, the famous cartoonist, writes his affirmation “I, Scott Adams, will be a famous cartoonist” 15 times a day. Likewise, we should do the same with our goals.

3. Commit to taking one step forward.

There will be no result without action. So commit to taking at least one step that will move us forward to reaching our goals every day.

Of course, if we can do more each day, that will be even better. However, just make sure we take at least one step a day. And within a year, we’ll at least have taken 365 action steps.

4. Clear our “toxic friends” list.

Each of us is the average of the five closest people we mix with most of the time. So decide which people in our lives are the ones we want to clear off our list, and stay away from them.

When we have fewer friends who always complain and blame and make lousy excuses, we’ll feel more positivity in our life.

5. Connect more with people we care about.

It’s time to decide which people we want to network with.

“If you want to fly with the eagles, don’t swim with the ducks. If you run around with losers, you will end up a loser.”
~ Les Brown

So get to know people who have a bigger vision, who are more successful, and who will inspire us. Consequently, their positive energy will charge us up and become one of our ways to succeed!

6. Spend more quality time with family.

Life is short and things will just happen at times. So spend more of life with family. Appreciate family members and be good to them.

There’s a Chinese saying to “Build your family and then your career.” Family always comes first, and success starts at home. So let’s take care to spend more time with our family, and we’ll have yet another of the ways to succeed.

ways to succeed

7. Practice positive thinking.

Put a rubber band on one wrist. Whenever we find ourselves thinking negatively, let’s snap that rubber band. Then we’ll feel the pain and stop thinking negatively right away!

We can wear this rubber band for as long as we want. This is one simple way to discipline the mind to think more positively.

8. Exercise every day.

Need I say more? Of course everyone knows that exercise is important and that we should do it daily.

So commit to exercising for an hour a day. Even if busy, try to squeeze in a 30-minute workout session. Get up earlier to exercise if we need to. The price will be worth it indeed.

9. Read two books a month.

If we can spend 30 minutes reading each day, then it’s possible that we’ll be able to read two books each month and 24 books in a year.

Say that we only grasp three ideas that improve the quality of our life from the 24 books we read this year. Then how will our lives change? Probably greatly!

Many people never read a single book in the years after they graduate from school. But that’s the time for us to improve and get ahead! So pick some books you like, and read to succeed!

10. Create an inspiring vision board.

The human mind keys in on visuals. Let’s search online for images of the things that we want to be, do, and have. We can look for images in our magazines as well. Print out those images and cut them out of the magazines, and put them on a vision board. Let it inspire us every day!

11. Visualize achieving our dreams each day.

If we’re serious about living our dreams and achieving all our goals, then this is what we must do each day. Visualize our dreams, feel good about them, and make them come alive.

Extraordinary people keep thinking about their dreams and what they want. If we want to produce extraordinary results, then we have to do the same.

12. Eat healthily and don’t skip breakfast.

If we’re thinking that we can save time by skipping breakfast, then we’re wrong. Studies have shown that breakfast gives us energy and actually activates our metabolism.

As the word breakfast suggests, it will break the fast from overnight. We have been sleeping long hours overnight without any food consumption, so why skip breakfast when we get up?

13. Make it a habit to drink lots of water when waking up.

The human body needs water upon waking up. On average, a normal adult needs to drink about eight glasses of water a day. And in the morning, we need to drink at least one full glass of water to hydrate our body functions.

14. Do something that makes the heart sing once a day.

What do we like to do? Do we love sports? Do we like to go swimming? What about singing? Playing chess? How about drawing? What hobbies do we have?

Every day, let’s do something that will make our heart sing. If we do just one thing that we love doing, then we’ll make ourselves feel good each day. Indeed, having fun can be one of our ways to succeed!

ways to succeed

15. Cut down on unproductive activities.

Stop wasting time on unproductive activities such as watching lots of TV, spending hours playing games, or checking updates on social media almost every minute.

We can do these activities for leisure and entertainment, but don’t spend too much time or waste life on them.

16. Travel overseas.

Set it as a goal to travel overseas this year. If we seldom travel overseas, then this year is our chance to do it. Go to a country we have never visited before. Let’s experience the moments and widen our perspectives.

For those of us who frequently travel overseas, we can visit a place we’ve never been to this year. Travelling can make us more creative, and it opens our mind to new things.

17. Manage our energy.

Make sure to get enough sleep each day. Get seven or eight hours. When we don’t get enough sleep, we can’t concentrate during the day, and our productivity will decrease.

The key to being productive is to maintain energy throughout the workday. If we’re always sleepy and tired, then how can we get things done? Take a short nap and take breaks to keep that energy level high.

18. Improve ourselves and learn a new skill.

What do we want to learn or improve on? Do we want to learn a new language? Do we want to get better with our investing skills? What about learning how to write a song?

Go and join a seminar, or take a class, or join a workshop. Making sure we improve and learn something new this year is one of the surest ways to succeed!

19. Make a donation.

This is our opportunity to give back to society and the world. If we have never donated before, choose a charity organization and set a goal to donate a specific amount this year.

Make it a habit to help others and contribute to society. The more we try to help others, the better we’ll feel. Many people say helping others is the thing they feel best about of all!

20. Save 10% of our income.

We can’t be successful without being OK financially. Therefore, save at least 10% of our income in 2017. If we’ve already been saving 10%, then increase the percentage.

Create a separate account for the money we save. By the end of 2017, we’ll notice that we have more money in the bank, and we can use it on investments to grow our money to the next level.

21. Read this blog more often.

We can’t achieve greater success in life without constantly reading, learning, and improving ourselves. And one of the best ways to succeed is by reading this blog.

There’s so much for us to learn, and the information provided is free. All we need to do is to spend some time reading and improving ourselves each day.


There are many things we can do in 2017 to achieve better results. Let’s start with some of the 21 easy ways to succeed above. Pick a few that we can do immediately, schedule them into our daily routine, add more as 2017 progresses, and finish the year with success!

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