Two Eclipses in January, bringing changes our way: What to Expect from the Energy of this Month.

Two Eclipses in January, bringing changes our way: What to Expect from the Energy of this Month.

Eclipses in January

What are the expectations of people about this new year which is right in front of their doorsteps? What achievements, lessons, or energy they want the 2019 year to have for them?

Some of them probably want to gain more confidence in themselves, while others would like to travel, meet a soulmate or also get in better shape and sharpen their intuition.

As you are reading, you should think of a wish, then take a breath, hold it close to the heart and after that exhale, as well as watch how the wish floats out right in the Universe.

Believe that the wish was heard and that it is going to become true while you are moving through 2019.

2019 is definitely going to be a busy one, with numerous things happening, particularly in January.

Being the first month, January is helpful in wiping the slate clean, in giving motivation, as well as ambition for some new beginnings. In January, people may want to start new things or put the plans they had until now in action.

In January, there is also going to be plenty of moving energy which is going to encourage people to move forward and start realizing their plans. There will also be two extra powerful Eclipses, and their energy will provide us with the needed push.

For those people that look for some directions, the Eclipses are going to bring clarity and are also going to help them know on which way they should go. While the Eclipses are working their powers and magic, people will feel better aligned, as well as confident when it comes to taking their path.

On the 5th or 6th of January, we are going to witness the primary Eclipse.

Called Solar Eclipse, and it will happen in Capricorn. Since 2011, this is, in fact, the primary Eclipse in Capricorn, and it marks the beginning of the new cycle of Eclipses.

The Solar Eclipse is going to help people to set their intentions, as well as think of their way ahead. This Eclipse is also going to support people to set their new purposes, as well as take several risks when leaping in the directions they chose.

They should also think about the themes which were occurring in their life from 2009 to 2011 as such things may give them a clue to what the new cycle can bring them.

On the 21st, as well as 22nd of January, we are going to witness the second eclipse from the cycle.

Called Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse, happening in the sign of Leo. This one is very important, and it is going to help people to get an enormous cycle of energies which they were working with from February in the last year until now.

The eclipse is also going to encourage people to honor everything they learned until now, and also release everything that does not serve them any purpose. The Eclipse is going to encourage them to take everything they learned and show that to the world.

Although the Solar Eclipse has some lighter tone attached to it too, the Lunar one can be quite heavy when the month ends, so people can feel old pains or wounds coming out in order to be cleared.

It looks like every person will be called to detoxify on a body, mind, as well as soul level prior to moving to the other months of 2019.

As both the Eclipses dominate all the energies of January.

They will probably bring different changes on their way too. Maybe people will be asked to be open, as well as see what comes in or also out of their lives so they can keep going.

Using the energies of this Solar Eclipse for setting intentions will be the most appropriate way of navigating through January. However, people have to stay open and believe that for fulfilling their intentions, the Lunar Eclipse needs to do a clearing for them.

Somewhere at the end of the month, people can feel exhausted, but just a little bit, and also depleted because of the strong energies, so they have to make sure to take a rest and recharge their batteries as soon as they can.

The month of January is, in fact, a pivotal one.

It is going to guide people to walk on their destined path for this year in front of them. Although there are certainly going to be bumps in that way, they are going to receive better clarity, as well as feel better connected to their higher purposes.

Eclipses are the periods of the year which always bring destined change and also help people to align their life with the way which is best, as well as truest for them. They should trust everything that comes on their way during January, and they will know it is just bringing them to their highest selves.


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