5 Effective Techniques to Stay Motivated at Work.

5 Effective Techniques to Stay Motivated at Work.

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Feeling no motivation at work? Want to learn how to be productive, stay motivated, and get things done? All of us can get motivated if we want to. If you feel you have no motivation and find it hard to get your work done, this article is for you!

Many people go through their work and even their life feeling little motivation. And as a result, they find it challenging to get their work done.

It isn’t that they lack the motivation, though. It’s that they don’t know the strategies that they can use to drive themselves. Here are five effective techniques that can help everyone stay motivated at work.

1. Create a distraction-free environment.

If we want to stay motivated at work, the first thing we need to do is to get rid of distractions. There are just too many distractions these days. Our colleagues, our partners, even our boss — not to mention the ever-buzzing social media like Facebook and Instagram.

At the moment we want to start work, we find that we still have time left, and we choose to spend five minutes on Facebook. And usually, those five minutes of checking updates on Facebook will become a serious distraction that eats up a lot more time.

The best way to create a distraction-free environment is by using “time blocking.” We simply preset blocks of our time for our tasks.

For example, to write an article tomorrow morning, block off 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. During that two-hour block of time, do that and only that. Commit to it, and do nothing else then. Even when people come to us, we just tell them that we’re busy at the moment and we’ll get back to them. Or better yet, put up a “Do not disturb.” sign, or lock the door.

Time blocking is one of the most powerful techniques we can use to be effective and get our work done.

2. Hold ourselves accountable.

If we want to get something done, we have to hold ourselves accountable. When we’re accountable, we’ll have a commitment to doing it.

Most people fail to achieve their dreams and their goals because they aren’t accountable for what they want. They can still live without reaching their goals. They’ll still do fine and continue their lives like before.

And it’s the same at work. When we don’t feel like doing something, it’s because we feel that the work we’re doing isn’t important. However, things will change when we hold ourselves accountable.

Imagine that we have to deliver something in three days, and the whole department is waiting for our instructions. Do we think we’ll get the work done? Of course, when we feel the pressure, that will make us do the work.

Thus, hold ourselves accountable and create a commitment to do the work. Get the manager or boss to track our progress, and get a colleague to keep an eye on our work. This way, we’ll feel more committed and stay motivated to do the work.

3. Focus on starting.

When it comes to staying motivated at work, the focus is important. Most people don’t feel motivated because they’re consistently being distracted and lose focus.

If we want to do great work and maintain our level of motivation, choose to focus on our work and “get into the flow.”

Another mistake most people make is to focus on the wrong thing. They choose to focus on just generally getting the work done. But when the task is huge, they feel overwhelmed, even paralyzed.

Don’t focus on tackling the whole task in one go. Instead, focus on what we can do right now. Focus on getting started, and then focus on keeping the work going.

Many people ask themselves what they should do today. And their mind gives an answer such as, “I need to make 50 calls.” If we think about it, making 50 calls is a big task. Instead, ask a better question that will get us a better start. Ask, “What’s the one thing that I can do right now that can be done in five minutes?”

Of course, we’ll realize that it’s to make just three calls. So making just those few calls is what we should focus on.

stay motivated

Remember, the key is to get the work going. When we start our work, we build up the momentum that will keep us moving forward. And trust me, we’ll never stop at making just three calls. We’ll go for more.

This is why we should focus on starting the work rather than thinking about tackling the whole project.

4. Maintain our energy helps us stay motivated.

This is an important factor that will affect our level of motivation and our work. Imagine going through our workday feeling sleepy and tired. Can we produce quality work or do much in that state?

The answer is obvious. Therefore, we have to maintain our energy level. The first thing we have to do to keep our energy level high is to get enough sleep. There’s no point in sleeping four hours and working the remaining 20 hours of the day if we can’t focus and we do a crappy job.

Instead, choose to sleep more and fully charge ourselves up. When we have the energy, we can do more and accomplish a better job.

This is why a technique called Pomodoro works like a charm. This technique suggests we work for 25 minutes and then take a five-minute rest. Continue for three sessions of 25-and-five, and then take a longer 15-minute break.

Of course, we don’t have to use exactly those numbers, and we can always customize the time allocated. The point is to take a lot of short breaks during our work.

We want to maintain our energy and keep our motivation high so that we can go through our whole day without losing steam.

5. Celebrate our wins.

So how do we stay motivated at work? Just celebrate all our wins. Even if it’s just a small win, we celebrate it. Feel good about it, and let that positive energy drive us forward.

If our job is to write a 1,000-word article, but we have completed just 400 words, then don’t blame ourselves. Instead, feel good that we have at least written those 400 words. Celebrate that instead of focusing on the negative.

The key is to celebrate our wins because they mean that we have taken at least some action. When we feel good about what we have done, we’ll want to do more because we feel encouraged and inspired.

How do we celebrate? Well, there are many ways to do it. For instance, we can just praise ourselves and give ourselves a pat on the back. Or we can take a break or get ourselves a snack. If we have done something more significant, celebrate by buying ourselves an item we’ve been wanting. Reward ourselves.

The more we learn to celebrate our wins, the more that will become our habit. And when it does, we’ll automatically feel good about all the things that we have done and look forward to accomplishing even more!

Final thoughts.

Those are the five effective techniques to stay motivated at work. We don’t have to implement all these techniques at one go. Just pick one and do it right away. And eventually, we’ll want to apply all these techniques to our work and our life, and we’ll be motivated to succeed!

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