Elon Musk’s Tesla Still Orbits the Sun, Two Years After SpaceX Launch

Elon Musk’s Tesla Still Orbits the Sun, Two Years After SpaceX Launch

Who remembers the SpaceX founder Elon Musk flinging his red Tesla Roadster into space with the launch of Falcon Heavy rocket on February 6th, 2018?

It was quite insane, but the sporty car is still exploring the solar system.

The exact location of the car can be seen on Ben Pearson’s website Where is Roadster. For the recent 2-year anniversary, the vehicle is expected to be far away from Earth and beyond Mars’ orbit, that is, as long as it hasn’t been abducted by aliens or run into any obstacles.

The website reports that the Roadster is into its second orbit around the sun, traveling over 1.6 billion km (1 billion miles).

However, the Roadster and the spacesuit-clad mannequin behind the wheel Starman weren’t designed for the harsh conditions of space, so we can only guess what’s left of them.

The vehicle will remain far from the Earth for quite a long time. According to experts, the first time the Roadster will have a close encounter with our planet would be in 2091. Who knows, maybe a recovery spacecraft will be sent to bring the vehicle back home.

Until then, we hope that Starman and his vehicle are enjoying their trip beyond the atmosphere.    


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