Believe In Your Empathy Skills But Never Stop Improving.

Believe In Your Empathy Skills But Never Stop Improving.

Empathy Skills

Empathy is the ability to be able to feel how another person is feeling. With society changing so fast, it is all we can do to keep up with the news. It seems as though every time we turn on the news something bad is happening and we have to brace ourselves to view destruction and hate. Unfortunately, with this type of news, it seems we may be becoming numb to it. Each time we turn on the news and see the wars or more people hurt many of us are just walking away, and the full impact of what is happening doesn’t seem to hit us. As a society, if more empathy was experienced, the world would probably be a much nicer place to live.

People experience different levels of empathy. And, that level can be different when it comes to certain situations.

Empathy Varies with the Individual.

We are social creatures and science has proven this fact over and over. We begin developing empathy as children, but we can continue to train ourselves to be more empathic as adults. There are people who show more empathy than others. There are even those people who seem to have no empathy for others at all.

For those of us who are more empathetic, it may seem to us that all others have no feelings at all. This low level of empathy can be quite disconcerting to many of us.

Then there are those of us who are super empathetic towards others. Being a very empathic person, I have cried watching the news and felt the pain of children being taken away from their parents because of war.

What is Empathy? 

My heart goes out to parents that I see experiencing their children going through something like surgery. There have been times when I thought I was going to break out in tears when seeing the other parents trying to hold up.

Having empathy for others allows us to be able to form strong relationships. These loving relationships bring us happiness. Having empathy also allows us to mature and be able to process how others are feeling on the inside.

Achieving Empathy.

Learning to have more empathy towards others may take a bit to conquer. Most of the time we are in such a hurry we probably couldn’t tell you the last time we sat and really listened to someone. Conversations without some type of electronic close by are becoming a thing of the past. Just taking the time to sit and listen to what other people have to say, will help with achieving this skill.

We all have that one friend or relative that calls us on the phone, and we know we’re going to be stuck on the phone a long while. While the talking is happening, you are thinking of a million other things and not paying attention. Many of us are guilty of that little sin, but we can change that.

The next time our long-winded caller phones us, we simply listen. Listen to what the caller is saying and absorb it. Try putting yourself in his shoes. The call may be because the person is lonely and just needed to speak with someone. Learning to put ourselves in another’s shoes isn’t difficult once we master the skill.

Understanding how other people are feeling opens a whole new world to discover. Although we may have never gone through a tragic life event, we can empathize with a friend who has. Just listening and fully digesting the information that is shared with us allows us to experience life in another’s footsteps.

Peace and Empathy.

The world could be a better place with some empathy handed out. World peace would probably happen a lot faster than we think if those countries in war practiced some empathy.

Becoming in tune with those around us can be an eye-opening experience. As we listen to others in our lives, we fully understand how the other is feeling. Because we understand the other person and know what they feel we can offer support when needed.

By practicing to have more empathy each day we witness the world around us changing. The grouchy man bagging the groceries at the grocery store may not be feeling well or tired. The mother who just practically cut us off in traffic was probably frazzled with a child screaming.

Trying to understand others and having empathy changes the way we view people. We become less judgmental and accept for who they really are.

Have you witnessed or completed a task using empathy? We would love to hear about it!



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