Uranus, the Planet of Unexpected Change ends its Retrograde and this is How it will Affect Your Christmas.

Uranus, the Planet of Unexpected Change ends its Retrograde and this is How it will Affect Your Christmas.


The planet Uranus controls a lot more than we may think. Although the retrograde that started in August is not that intense like the one of the planet Mercury, it caused several interesting happenings.

The planet Uranus is in retrograde since the month of August, and it is going to continue retrograding until the 6th of January, 2019. The retrograde of Uranus was controlling most of the things people did, in a silent way, as the time passed, and there is a chance that you probably forgot everything. The retrograde pushed us to solve the problems that came in front of us, and which made us work harder than ever.

The retrograde was also a karmic one.

While we keep going through Christmas, also through the several days which are left of the retrograde, the things are going to become even more intense. We are going to become more unreliable and erratic. There will be several things which can bring us down and which will look like they will never leave, but, when everything is going to be said and done, we are going to understand everything better.

The planet Uranus is one who spent this retrograding period in order to focus us to become real and also see the reality just like it is. No matter of the situation in which we are, we can always make it through. In times of feeling upset, the retrograde is going to be there in order to watch over us, no matter how weird that sounds.

Also, you probably noticed that you were better focused on shopping times, and you have to say “Thank you Uranus retrograde’ for everything.” While on others the influence is also different, it can feel more uncomfortable for everyone as it comes to its end. You should pay better attention to everything you do, and realize where you were wrong.

This retrograde wants people to get real.

It will be a time for facing fears, as well as changing things which do not work as they should, in order to become the one you want to be. In fact, this comes to a global and personal scale. Being in a bad relationship or also stuck in some job which you don’t really like, as well as living at a place which does not feel like home, and spending some time with wrong individuals, the planet Uranus is going to alert you about this in the months that come. Their realization can come slowly, and it may also include anxiety — but, you just simply have to pay more attention and make the changes you have to.

Makeup, breakup, change your job, move or also do everything you have to in order to relieve yourself from this and get something even better. Be real when it comes to your wishes, braveness, and embracement of freedom, as it is your way to real happiness.

You will certainly have a wonderful and fulfilling Christmas as a result of the retrograde.

You should not worry about something you do not possess or focus on something you possess. You are going to be with your loved ones, as it is all that matters. When the holidays end, you are going to see what you missed in the last several years. Then, everything is going to move ahead positively, and you are no longer going to internalize things.

There were conflicts related to your love life, however, it is not something that cannot be solved. When you and your partner realize where the heart lies, everything is going to come in its place. During this period, it will not be a good idea to hold grudges.


Image Credit: Shutterstock (licensed by SDS)/By NASA images

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