Energy Update Blue Full Moon 31.3.18.

Energy Update Blue Full Moon 31.3.18.

blue full moon

Well, I don’t know about anyone else but I could certainly do with some blue full moon high vibrations. Zero energy, matrix masks slipping everywhere, overactive negative ego and loss of motivation are being experienced. March’s second full moon, a blue moon, arrives this week to give us some much needed lunar light.

Welcome lunar illumination with open arms, heart and third eye.

The communication lines fizz with full moons. If you’re lost, low or lonely use the next few days to tune up your antennae for messages from guides and higher self. None of us are truly alone. Our own personal cheering squad is always there encouraging us, protecting us and nudging us in the right direction. Harness rare blue moon rays to clear, strengthen and balance our mindbodyspirit being.

If you are experiencing unrest in your personal life be reassured very few are unaffected by current cosmic frequency overload. The chaos of the macro to micro and back again. The gloves are off for the ruling elite, agendas are being pushed and rhetoric has become bloodthirsty. We are being programmed to see less fortunate souls as a drain on the economy. We are being conditioned to view whole sections of global society as our enemy. We are being manipulated into more war, segregation, and poverty. There are no hierarchies of victimhood.

All people deserve equal rights to a decent life.

Is this such a controversial statement?

If there is darkness in our heart now is the time we will experience it. If there is darkness in the hearts of those around us we will see it. The veils thinning means just that, we see through masks, pantomime politics and cultural conditioning. We exist in lower vibratory fields when we are service to self. The commitment to serving our own needs over the needs of others keeps us at a low frequency.

This is the line between universal love, fifth-dimensional existence and the third and fourth dimensions. To believe we are more important, relevant or special than others. To see ourselves as deserving of more than others. To have no issue with prioritizing our success at the expense of others is to choose the matrix, the blue pill.

To seek peace at home and on our planet is to reach for higher wavelengths of vibratory experience. To recognize our vulnerabilities and surrender to the universal flow. To embody humility with grace and gratitude is to choose the red pill. There is no judgment only choice.

Do we choose the blue pill or the red pill?

For many people the matrix offers security, they feel better about themselves knowing there are others less fortunate. This is competition and conformity at work. The need for safety in acceptance, reliance on the status quo for self-identity. Competition driving consumerism, status symbols sought rather than love.

We who choose to see further may feel beaten and beleaguered whilst mired in the muddy waters of the third dimension. Where hierarchies thrive, envy fuels greed and power is the currency of the game. We have our wings clipped, our minds broken down into tiny boxes. It is up to us to climb back out of the third dimension no matter how dense, sticky, heavy and ingrained it gets. We continue to choose peace and love even as we witness the opposite every day.

The powers that be are losing control. The sheeple sense this, huddled in fear they stare and point at any enemy the elite hold up for them. They are unable and unwilling to separate from the group. They instead fall back on instilled instincts of survival. Huddled in fear as they are, they make their sovereign choice.

Those who step away from the crowd are unafraid to question the mainstream narrative.

They see more fear in the group that they feel in their own. They are dissatisfied with established narratives. Turning our backs on the huddled sheeple, warriors, truth seekers, way sho-wers stride forth into the unknown, ready for answers, adventure, and magic.

We are in a quicksand of third dimension matrix desperation.

Everything that can be used against us is being used. Too many of us have risen to the fifth dimension. Too many of us have reconnected to higher frequencies of zen love. We are a threat. Even as we slip and slide in the chaotic, complicated, thick energies of low frequencies we look up to see the stars. Ancient knowledge and wisdom burn in many of our souls. Use this full blue moon to unlock old soul secrets, secrets of inner strength, multidimensional soul tribe and Gaia mysticism.

The rays are already pushing through the gloom coating Gaia and her dwellers. We can reach up and grasp laser beams of lunar light, connect and reenergize. We can bathe in full moon frequencies of the fifth dimension and beyond. Time to consciously realign friends. Let in the light and drag ourselves out of the quicksand of a desperate, imploding, cruel world.

Use sage for clearing rituals, mantras for activation of vibrations. Charge up crystals in lunar light for coming weeks of darkness. We have a while yet before this cycle breaks. Take respite in blue full moon rays of love, clarity and expansive consciousness. We are becoming something else. Shedding matrix avatars. Relinquishing all that drains us, keeps us locked into negativity. We are learning to fly. In light and love beautiful people.


I connect to, welcome, embrace high-frequency lunar light into my soul being.

I surrender to universal love frequency.

I power up the shield of love around me.

I am protected. I am safe. I am love.

Take me beyond, I surrender to universal love. Namaste.

This article Energy Update Blue Full Moon 31.3.18 was published by awakening5dhealing and it is re-posted here with permission.


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