“Deskercises”: Great Exercises for the Office.

“Deskercises”: Great Exercises for the Office.

exercises for the office

Ready to hit the gym and start reaching your health and fitness goals? Chances are, you and I have already tried that at some point. We’ve all fallen victim to things like the Weight Loss New Year’s Resolution and the fad diets that don’t ever seem to work. We’ve probably even purchased a gym membership in the past hoping it would motivate us to take control of our health. But as noble as our intentions may be, there’s always something that’s against us no matter what we do: time. There isn’t enough time in the day for us to get everything done that we need to do, let alone time to get our behinds into the gym. Luckily, there’s a solution to our problem: a handful of exercises for the office we can do without ever having to leave our desks!

I know what you’re probably thinking. How can we do these exercises for the office without getting sweaty? But luckily, these exercises are simply designed to get the heart rate pumping and not to have us drenched in sweat.

Exercises for the office: Warm-ups.

Before any exercise, we always want to be sure to warm up. Working out at the desk is no different. So to start our exercises for the office, flex the feet with toes pointing up and lifting the legs up and down. Essentially, we’ll be simulating marching in place. Do these for about five minutes. While marching in place, stretch out the arms straight out in front and roll them around in circles. Do this about 20 times forwards and 20 times backwards. This is to loosen up the body to prepare for the activities it’s about to undertake.

Core strengthening.

The basis for all great exercises requires us to have a strong core. Exercises for the office can sometimes be challenging, so we want to make sure that we focus on having a strong middle section throughout our exercises. Although we won’t go into a full-blown exercise example, we’ll say that as long as we keep our core tight during all of these exercises, we’ll be helping to sculpt it. One exercise we recommend is to grip the arms of a chair and balance on the edge of the seat. With our legs outstretched, pull the knees as far in towards the torso as possible, then push them back out. Don’t allow either leg to touch the ground throughout the movement. Caution: those of us who’ve never done it before may break a small sweat!

Lower-body exercises.

We all want to have a nice pair of legs and a great butt, and we don’t have to spend hours at the gym to get them. So doing these lower-body exercises for the office right at the desk will get us toned up in no time.

exercises for the office

The first thing to do would be a move called the seated leg raiser. This exercise at the desk is great because no one will ever know that we’re doing it! Start by stretching the legs directly out in front with the knees locked in place. It’s a good idea to sit up straight with the butt towards the edge of the seat. Keeping the core tight, lift the legs slowly up and down about 10 times. To get an extra burn, after the 10th raise, pause the legs for an additional 20 seconds before dropping them to the ground. And if we do this correctly, we’ll get a great burn in our quads.

The second move is going to work the inner thighs. Keep one leg straight ahead and spread the other leg as wide as it can go while still seated. Keeping the butt on the edge of the chair, slowly lift one leg up and down about 20 times. Switch legs and feel the burn!

The final move is going to be the infamous squat! Did you really think that you could do a good workout without it? This will require standing up, but luckily we can perform this exercise at the desk and still look pretty inconspicuous. Start by spreading the legs shoulder-width apart. We can use the chair to gauge how low we need to go to get into a squat. Repeat about 10 times. Want to get an extra burn? Pause about 30 seconds each time before standing.

Upper-body exercises.

What better way to compliment those legs than to have equally nice arms? This section will be totally dedicated to some of the easiest upper-body exercises for the office. We may look a little odd doing some of these, but that’s okay. We won’t be looking odd when we have those great arms we’ve been dying for.

The first exercise is going to be working the chest area. When we push the hands together, we’re activating the pectoral muscles and back muscles. Perform this exercise by putting the hands together in prayer motion. Push the hands together as hard as possible for about 10 seconds, then relax for about five. Continue doing this for about five more rounds. If done correctly, we should feel pressure in the lower back and chest.

The second exercise is doing bicep curls with weighty objects. Now don’t go trying to lift boxes or packs of paper. Use objects already at the desk like a water bottle, stapler, or tape dispenser. The items will be light, but if we curl them slowly, we’ll get a nice little strength workout in.

So now we all have several simple exercises that we can use every day at our desks. And just because we’re not wringing out sweat from our shirts after these exercises doesn’t mean that they’re any less effective. A lot of these exercises are also great for overall strength, which is an important aspect of fitness that many people forget to do. So by doing these deskercises at the office, we’re wisely adding health-making to our wealth-making!

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