7 Ways of Finding and Keeping Happiness.

7 Ways of Finding and Keeping Happiness.

Finding and Keeping Happiness

Have you ever looked at the people surrounding you and wondered how they could be so happy all the time? These are the same people who are happy first thing in the morning while the rest of wonder how someone can be that happy all the time. Did life just give some of us a harder time than the others? Or, is there something that these happy people have that is missing inside of us?

1. Choosing to Be Happy.

We have two choices on how we want to be, and we can be happy or miserable. Of course, there is that somewhere in-between, but we will touch on that in another article. We can choose to get up out of bed in the morning and find something we are not happy with. Or, we can get up out of the bed in the morning and choose something to be happy about.

Granted, there will be days in our lives where it may be hard to be happy. As humans, we can choose to understand our own feelings and take control over them.

2. Happiness Comes from Within.

Happy people realize that happiness is a choice. These are the same people who also know that possession does not make a happy person. That expensive car that we think will make us happy will only last for so long. Once the car needs repair or isn’t all, we thought it would be disappointing us. Happiness comes from within ourselves. If we let our surroundings or circumstances control our emotions, then we miss out on being and feeling happy.

3. Find Something Positive in Every Situation.

There will be times when the world just doesn’t make us happy. The key is to find something in every situation that is positive. Take for instance, you are on your way to work and stop at your favorite donut shop. You finally get to the order window and find out they are out of your favorite donuts. Now, we could be miserable and in a bad mood for the day because we didn’t get the desired donut. Or, we can be thankful that we could choose another type of donut. We could also be very thankful that we have the option to be able to stop at a donut shop on the way to work. Some people have no vehicle. There are people searching for a job to support their families. And, some people do not have enough money to purchase a donut.

If we stop and look around us, there are many things to be thankful for. Of course, there will be things that do not make us overly happy, but it doesn’t mean that we must choose to be miserable.

4. How Do We Remain Happy?

Be happy is something that most of us seek every day of our lives. For those who choose to be miserable then that is their choice. The thing is that we should remember is that other people’s attitudes should not influence our inner happiness.

Finding and Keeping Happiness

5. Do not Complain.

Complaining is super easy. Often, we complain and do not even realize that we are doing the complaining. The problem with complaining? We do not like to hear ourselves complain much less other people. By complaining we are not feeling happiness. The next time you feel a complaint slipping out try to remain quiet. You are choosing to control the situation with peace. Difficult situations can almost always be calmed by not complaining and remaining silent.

6. Accomplish One Important Thing.

Happy people take control over how they want to feel and their lives. Happy people understand that they contribute important things and know that there are demands on their time. Spend some time accomplishing that one important task daily. By spending time on that one important task we are aware we are making our contribution.

7. Yoga or Meditation for Happiness.

Being alone is a good thing, and we all need solitude at times. As the electronics take over and the world is buzzing from being super busy, we need to find a way to relax and regroup. Things can become so hectic in daily life that there are actually forgetting to take the time to regroup and distress. Stress is not good the body and will eventually take its toll.

Meditation allows for us to understand what is taking place in our own minds. Once we figure out what is happening with ourselves, then we are better able to face the world and be happy about it. If there is a day where one of us is feeling anxious, it helps to just meditate for a few minutes. Meditating for just two minutes a day will do wonders.

When deciding to use meditation or yoga, it is advisable to practice in the morning. All too many times we say we will practice later in the day and then we get busy and forget. Meditation and yoga allow our brains to refocus and refuel.

8. Keep Smiling.

Do you know that when you make a facial expression, it can override the emotion taking place already? The human body is remarkable, and we are in control. By putting smiles on our faces, we are making the world a brighter place. Just smiling at people walking down the street and smiling at people can make us feel better. And, smiling at the others also lets the know the world really isn’t such a bad place.

9. Be Kind to Others.

Have you ever helped another human being and felt really good about it after? That is because deep down inside we care about others and knowing that we have helped makes us feel good. Maybe you have a fondness for the elderly? If so, then pursue something that keeps you happy like volunteering at the local senior center. There are so many people in the world that would love to spend time with someone who is genuine and happy.

Happiness is a choice that we make every morning when we step foot out of our beds. What do you have to be thankful for today? What puts a smile on your face?

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